Pile of receipts

Two years ago, we took a look at Shoeboxed.com. In short, you’re able to outsource your receipt management to this company — it scans, categorizes, and organizes your receipts for your online management. The receipts are then be securely shredded and discarded.

From your end, all you had to do was stuff all of your business receipts (and personal receipts, for that matter) into a prepaid envelope and Shoeboxed.com would take care of the rest. In addition to paper receipts, you can also send receipts via email or your mobile phone. It’d then enter the data and you can then export this information to Excel, Quicken, CSV, and PDF as needed.

This all sounds great, with pricing plans ranging from free to $49.95 per month, but how does it really stand up? Well, we took a look at some other reviews posted on the Internet and here’s what real users had to say.

Productivity 101 said that the “system is straightforward and fairly easy to understand.” While “someone who does not have a substantial number of receipts…would most likely not benefit from the program,” they do go on to say that this tool “could become indispensable” to those who need a better way to control their purchase records.

Articles Base says that combining a Shoeboxed account with one from Outright is the best way to go about it. Outright is a free online bookkeeping system and it can automatically receive uploads from Shoeboxed. The review goes on to mention the live customer support, “a real human being you can call for help or answer questions and they are always polite.”

The Prosper Magazine has been using Shoeboxed for over a year and he says that it “has made [his] life a lot easier.” This was especially pronounced in his “start up stage, tracking expenses and storing important documents.” This expanded beyond just receipts and into the realm of contracts and other sensitive information.



Better Business Bureau doesn’t provide a full review of the services offered by Shoeboxed, but it has given the recently accredited business a solid rating of A-.

Appolicious took a look at the Shoeboxed iPhone app, noting the ease of simply using the camera on the phone to take a picture of the receipt. The fact that the digital receipts are accepted by the IRS makes “tax time a breeze.”

WebWorkerDaily says that Shoeboxed “could provide a simple solution to an irritating problem.”

Mobile Industry Review did find one flaw with the system, however. The iPhone app did not really understand the BART ticket to the airport with the amounted printed on it in small text. The trouble is that “you can’t edit a receipt until it has been processed, so this “receipt” wasn’t processed by the time that my expense report was due.”

Google Apps Marketplace has several user reviews of Shoeboxed. They like this “very useful service” overall, but they are disappointed there is no Android app currently available.

Shaine Mata says that Shoeboxed is “one of the best investments a freelance/work at home person can make to keep track of finances.” He goes on to say that the “time savings is well worth it.”

All in all, it looks like the general response to Shoeboxed has been very positive and it’s well worth considering if you want an easier way to manage all your expenses. It also appears to be a powerful tool for other documents too, automatically scanning and categorizing them as needed. The iPhone app is really the icing on the cake.

Image credit: DNY59 / iStockphoto