Best iPhone apps for organizing your life

Life can get pretty complicated. You’re balancing multiple projects at work. You’ve got bills to pay. You’ve got mouths to feed. The human brain can only handle so much and that’s why it helps to turn to the world of technology. Thankfully, with thousands of apps available on the Apple iPhone, there are tons that are designed specifically to make your life a little more manageable.

These top iPhone apps may not help to clear the clutter off your desk or clear your mind before you go to bed, but at least they can keep you on track and help you remember all those things that you tend to forget. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but that’s the beauty of smartphone apps; there are always more to discover. After getting down with Dropbox and Evernote, you may expand your arsenal with these iPhone apps for organizing your life.

FedEx Mobile for iPhone

Price: Free (iTunes link)

Do you send and receive a lot of packages with FedEx? Do you find yourself scribbling those tracking numbers of several slips of paper, only to lose said slips among the mess of receipts and forms piling up on your desk? This iPhone app is for you. With it, you can not only check your address book and track shipments, you can even create a shipping label while on site helping a client.

1Password for iPhone

Price: $9.99 (iTunes link)

We all have so many different accounts on the Internet these days. The security experts tell us that we should vary our usernames and passwords, making them as complicated as possible with a combination of letters, numbers, lower-case, upper-case, special characters, and so on. The human brain can’t possibly remember all of that. With the 1Password app, you set a master password and it manages the rest in a safe and secure fashion. You can even sync it up with your Mac. This is easily one of the best iPhone apps.


Price: $4.99 (iTunes link)

A bento box is an organized way to enjoy a Japanese lunch, putting everything into neat compartments. The Bento app for iPhone does the same thing, except with everything to do with your life. This app can be used to organize contacts, plan events, track projects, and otherwise “manage things.” It comes pre-loaded with database templates that can be customized and it will integrate with other iPhone apps, allowing you to get single taps to phone contacts, viewing websites, and displaying maps.

OmniFocus for iPhone

Price: $19.99 (iTunes link)

Working in tandem with its desktop counterpart, this task management application lets you plan your projects, work in context, and organize your tasks by goals. Everything gets synchronized to the cloud via MobileMe or Omni’s free solution. Other highlights include subtasks, attachments, and “nearby contexts” that helps to plan your day’s errands by listing “contexts” that are nearby. It may not be listed among cool iPhone apps, but it could be one of the most useful.


Price: Free (iTunes link)

Sometimes, organizing your life just means writing it down. Sometimes, you don’t need all sorts of extra bells and whistles to complicate your already complicated life. For times like those, Simplenote does exactly what its name seems to imply: it takes simple notes. These can then be automatically synchronized back to your computer, helping you stay on top of those little tidbits of information.

Mint Personal Finance

Price: Free (iTunes link)

If you want to manage your money, is one of the best solutions out there. The great thing is that you don’t have to be at your computer, since the Mint iPhone app gives you access to just about all the personal finance tools you normally find on the site. When it comes to free iPhone apps, this is one of the best. Take care of budgeting, expenses, online bank accounts, and more.


Price: Free (iTunes link)

Gone are the days when you had to have a giant portfolio of documents every time you decided to take a trip. You don’t need to print out a physical ticket. You don’t need to print out your hotel confirmation. You don’t need to print out your car rental reservation. Instead, load all that info into the TripDeck application and always have it at your fingertips. It’s a complete travel itinerary manager.


Price: Free (iTunes link)

Basically, this is a reminder app. You can save your ideas and your to-do lists and reQall will remind you when you need to do those things. It offers a voice-to-text feature too, so you don’t have to type it out if you don’t want to tap away. The personal reminder service is pretty handy too.


Price: $7.99 (iTunes link)

People who are a little more scatterbrained (and even those who aren’t) need a means of organizing their thoughts into something meaningful and with structure. iThoughts is a mind-mapping tool that is largely geared toward brainstorming, but it can also be used for course notes, goal setting, and so on. The various icons help to keep the mindmap more understandable and then you can export it as a PDF or PNG file for later review and revision.

Timewerks Mobile Billing

Price: $2.99 (iTunes link)

If you’re a freelancer or an independent contractor of some kind, you need to keep track of your time so you can more accurately bill your clients. I know this is a challenge I face frequently. The Timewerks app lets you track your time and materials for customer invoicing, making it crystal clear why the bill came to what it did. The app can be used to send PDF invoices and estimates too. If you want to give it a try, there’s also a “Lite” version that’s available as a free download.

Image credit: amriphoto / iStockphoto