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Five Creative Portable Power Solutions for Charging Off the Grid

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 25th 2014 - No Comments
Camping with Portable Power

When we are among civilization, it’s not terribly difficult to find an available wall outlet to charge up your smartphone or tablet, but what do you do when you’re surrounded by nothing but trees, dirt and the great outdoors? Even when you want to unplug and get away from it all, you still want to charge up your gadgets and...

The Smarter Way To Travel With Your Smartphone

by Chris Cairns - on Jun 7th 2013 - No Comments
Travel with the iPhone

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. A happy family returns from their trip overseas, only to find a massive cell phone bill in the mail later that month. Roaming charges can get very expensive, very quickly, but you still want to have the convenience and power of your smartphone on your vacation. Fear not, because there’s...

Las Vegas Trip Agenda – Couples Deluxe Edition (Part 3: THE AGENDA)

by Brian Cairns - on Aug 10th 2008 - 11 Comments
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

This post presents my full three-night/four-day Las Vegas trip itinerary. As explained in Part 1 and Part 2 of this post series, the purpose of providing you my thoroughly-researched and fully-tested agenda is threefold: (1) Save you time. Whether you follow my agenda to the letter or tailor here-and-there to meet your preferences, this...

Las Vegas Trip Agenda – Couples Deluxe Edition (Part 2: Planning Tips)

by Brian Cairns - on Jul 18th 2008 - No Comments
Southwest Airplane Taking Off

Planning for Vegas seems simple to the uninitiated. However, you can become quickly overwhelmed when you begin to consider the multitude of hotels, restaurants, shows, pools, spas, golf courses, roller coasters, bars, nightclubs, casinos, buffets, shopping locations, people-watching venues, old Vegas sites, new Vegas sites, and so forth. I...

Las Vegas Trip Agenda – Couples Deluxe Edition (Part 1: Intro)

by Brian Cairns - on Jun 23rd 2008 - No Comments
Las Vegas Skyline

Las Vegas: where you'll be going. (photo: Trevor Lowder / Flickr) If you want to spend a long, luxuriant weekend in Las Vegas with your significant other, but lack the time to plan a memorable trip, today’s your lucky day: I’ve done it for you. In preparation for my couple’s trip to Vegas in late May, my assistant...