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Instagram Apps for Android to Boost Your Social Media Game

by Chris Cairns - on Feb 6th 2017 - No Comments
Instagram on Android

Social media continues to play an increasingly influential role in the world of modern business and it would be foolish to ignore just how powerful these networks can be. Boasting even higher engagement rates than Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is proving to be an invaluable business tool for organizations of all sizes. But it’s...

Useful Twitter Tools for Business

by Chris Cairns - on May 21st 2015 - No Comments
Twitter Tools

Businesses of all sizes from all around the world can benefit from the power that social media can provide. The new age of the Internet has opened up terrific opportunities to engage with fans, build brand awareness, and even land more customers and increase sales. Simply using these social networks on their own isn’t enough, though,...

Awesome Android Apps You May Have Missed In 2013

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 13th 2014 - No Comments
Awesome Android Apps for Free

With thousands of apps being released through the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore, it’s very easy for a few fantastic gems to fly under your radar. You already know to get mainstays like Foursquare, Instagram, and Google Keep, but there are all sorts of other awesome Android apps that deserve your attention. Here are five...

Five Flickr Alternatives Worth Considering

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 14th 2013 - No Comments
New Flickr

Not that long ago, we discussed everything you need to know about the new Flickr. The photo sharing site recently underwent a dramatic overhaul, affecting not only how the site looks and works, but also completely revamping the structure of the free and paid plans. Some people like the changes, but many people don’t. This article...

RSS Alternatives To Getting Your Daily News

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 6th 2013 - No Comments
How Do You Get Your Daily News?

Let’s go back to the earlier days of the Internet. Back then, you may have bookmarked a handful of your favorite sites and you’d go about visiting them individually over the course of your day to see what’s new. Then, a miraculous new technology hit the scene called RSS. Standing for Really Simple Syndication, it gave...

25 Social Media Tasks & Projects To Outsource

by Thursday Bram - on Jan 4th 2010 - 2 Comments
Social-Networking-Crossword Puzzle

Whether you creating a social media campaign to promote your own business or you’re helping out someone else, there are a surprising number of steps that you can outsource to both individuals — and trusty online tools. While some don’t advocate outsourcing your social media networking activities, we don’t wholly...

Penelope Trunk Interview

by Thursday Bram - on Oct 4th 2009 - 1 Comment
Penelope Trunk

You shouldn’t outsource your social networking, says Penelope Trunk, even partially. She should know: not only have her columns and blog become popular sources of career advice, but she’s written a book, launched a startup, and built a personal network that has helped her succeed. Social Networking is a Must “Saying...