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FindTheBest: Unbiased, Data-Driven Comparisons

by Chris Cairns - on Feb 24th 2012 - No Comments
FindTheBest: Unbiased, Data-Driven Comparisons

The Internet is a massive place. I’ve been trying to browse to the end of it for years, but it just doesn’t seem to stop anywhere. It has gotten so large that finding the results you want has become nearly impossible. How can consumers sort through the junk on the web, and find accurate and reliable comparison data online?...

Find Better Prices With PriceTrace

by Thursday Bram - on Feb 28th 2010 - 1 Comment
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Product/Service Name PriceTrace Brief Description Comparing prices is necessary if you want to get the best deals on your purchases, but it’s a time-consuming process. PriceTrace is an online shopping tool that allows you to look for better prices, without hunting all over. You can all set alerts for price drops and check a price...

Find Deals On Gadgets With BargainJack

by Thursday Bram - on Feb 11th 2010 - No Comments
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Product/Service Name BargainJack Brief Description BargainJack.com is a gadget deals site focused on computers, electronics, and other guy-friendly items. Target audience: Gadget-loving guys, age 18-55. The Inspiration We fill a void in the deal site genre by presenting only the best deals.  In our world, more is not more. We are picky...

Modista: Browse And Compare Shoes And Fashion Accessories Visually

by Chris Cairns - on Dec 21st 2008 - No Comments
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Product/Service Name Modista Brief Description Modista is a visual search for shoes and fashion accessories (for men, women, and kids) that applies computer vision technology (patent-pending) to enable product discovery. Rather than navigating text-based menus and scrolling through lists and lists of results like most other shopping...

NEVER PAY RETAIL: 30+ Sites For Finding Shopping Deals Online

by Martha Cooney - on Dec 20th 2008 - 12 Comments
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Online shopping is hailed for saving time and money, but does it always work out that way? Scouring dozens of different sites can become a time-consuming ordeal, as you complete exhausting research to buy that new computer or get the best deals on your holiday shopping. There has to be a better, more efficient way to use the Internet...

PRICE-HUNTING TOOLS: 65+ Places To Find, Compare, And Get The Cheapest Prices Online

by Maneesh Sethi - on Dec 18th 2008 - 7 Comments
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Bad economy or not, smart shoppers are always looking for an easy way to save a buck or two. If you’ve heard of this thing called the Internet (and you must have because you’re reading this blog), then you probably know one of the best ways to save money (and time) is to make your product purchases online. Online shopping...