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20+ iPhone Productivity Apps

by Dylan Duarte - on Dec 17th 2012 - No Comments
Apple iPhone

Despite being the powerful tools that they are, smartphones have something of a negative reputation with a lot of people. They’re seen as symbolic of our attention-deficit lifestyles due to people not being able to go five minutes without checking their phone for a missed call, a text, a tweet, or a Facebook message. And then there’s...

Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Smart Gadgets For A Smart Office

by Michael Kwan - on Nov 29th 2012 - 1 Comment
Smart Office Gadgets Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is upon us and there’s a good chance you have quite the list of good boys and girls who are deserving of more than a lump of coal. Perhaps you have several friends and colleagues who commute to a cubicle each day and they would like to have some smarter gadgets for a smart office. If that’s the...

50 Sites That Can Boost Your Productivity

by Thursday Bram - on Nov 26th 2009 - 2 Comments

It seems as if there are thousands of new tools coming out every day that can help you lead a more productive way of life. The trick is finding them, of course. With the numbers continuing to grow, discovering new tools can be tough. Here are fifty particularly useful tools that can help you be productive in a variety of ways, from managing...

Tips For Tracking And Analyzing Your Time Use

by Chris Cairns - on Jan 18th 2009 - 7 Comments
Stop Watch

American society is open-ended — an endless number of things to do, be, see, have, and experience. This open endedness creates a sense of time starvation among us — always one more thing to do or accomplish — which, in turn, drives us to seek means and methods to maximize every living nanosecond or to complain endlessly...

Track And Monitor Your Time Use With BubbleTimer

by Chris Cairns - on Jan 14th 2009 - 3 Comments
Satellite Orbiting Earth

Product/Service Name BubbleTimer Brief Description Knowing where you spend your time is the key to effectively achieving your goals but tracking your time to the second is just a waste of time! With one click on BubbleTimer, a web-based application, you have bubbled in 15 minutes of time. You get a handle on where all your time is going...

Maximizing Your “Utilizable Time” Through Outsourcing And Other Life Automation Tools And Techniques

by Brian Cairns - on Jun 8th 2008 - 1 Comment
Clocks for life automation

In the modern world of non-stop ways to make your life more productive and increase your free time do we really consider how much of that alleged free time we really accrue? For me the balance of work, play, relationships, basic needs, frivolous endeavors, and a multitude of various facets that coalesce into the consolidated pool we shall...