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iPhone Banking Apps With Photo Check Deposit

by Michael Kwan - on May 31st 2013 - No Comments
Three Payment Checks

If you can save yourself a physical trip to the bank, that sure seems like the smarter way to do your banking. And for the most part, you can do that nowadays. With online banking, you can check your balances, transfer your money between accounts, and pay all of your bills. You can even span the great divide between the real and digital...

Emergency First Aid Apps For iPhone And iPad

by Michael Kwan - on May 1st 2013 - No Comments
First Aid Kit

When the situation is literally a matter of life and death, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. We use our smartphones and tablets to play all sorts of games and keep tabs on our daily chores, but what if you are faced with a real life emergency that calls for some real life help? Before the paramedics can make it to the...

iPhone Dating Apps For People On The Go

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 24th 2013 - No Comments
A Couple on the Beach

Call me a socially-awkward nerd if you want, but I asked out my now-wife for our first date via email. And this was over a decade ago! The fact of the matter is that the dating is totally different than what it was before the advent of the Internet and it’s even more different now that everyone carries around the Internet in their...

Free Business Card Scanner Apps For iPhone

by Chris Cairns - on Apr 5th 2013 - No Comments
iPhone and Business Cards

We’ve come to rely heavily on digital communication. I don’t remember too many phone numbers anymore, because I just assume that they’re saved in my Google Contacts for retrieval on an as-needed basis. But what about when you meet someone in person and exchange business cards? It used to be that you would then have...

Free Alternative iPhone Address Book Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Mar 27th 2013 - No Comments
Contacts on an Apple iPhone

To be fair, the iPhone already comes with a number of pre-installed applications that can do a variety of different things, but sometimes third-party apps just do the job better. You might have downloaded better iPhone alarm clock apps, for example, or you may have bolstered the functionality of the camera by taking advantage of some...

6 Great iPhone Security Apps

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 26th 2013 - No Comments
Apple iPhone Apps

Your iPhone has quickly become a positively integral part of your life. You use it to make phone calls, take pictures, send email, update social networks, and do all sorts of other things. It really is scary to think about what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands and that is why it’s of paramount importance that you consider...

Save Money With iPhone Data Management Apps

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 11th 2013 - No Comments
Apple iPhone 5

Yes, you may be able to find a cell phone plan that supposedly comes with unlimited wireless data, but a great number of plans come with a specified amount, just as they would come with limited voice minutes or limited text messages. Even with the plans that come with unlimited data, it’s possible that the carrier could throttle...

Video Editing Apps For iPhone And iPad

by Chris Cairns - on Feb 18th 2013 - No Comments
Making Movies with iPhone

It really is amazing what we are able to accomplish on our smartphones these days. Not only are we taking great pictures with the on-board camera, we’re also editing images and applying filters. No one said we had to stop there! The iPhone is also fantastic for shooting video, so why wouldn’t you also consider using some video...

7 Great iPhone Cloud Storage Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Jan 31st 2013 - No Comments
Taking the iPhone to the Cloud

You’ve got a shiny new iPhone or maybe you’ve already had your iPhone for a while. Whatever the case, you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone doesn’t have a memory card slot. If you buy a 16GB iPhone, that’s all the on-board storage that you’re going to get. But what if you need more? What if you want...

7 Better iPhone Alarm Clock Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Jan 25th 2013 - 1 Comment
Digital Alarm Clock

There are certainly some incredibly effective alarm clocks on the market, but we have come to rely on our smartphones to replace as many gadgets as possible. Your iPhone might already replace your GPS, your MP3 player, your digital camera, and your portable gaming console, so why shouldn’t it get you to wake up in the morning, too?...