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Google Calendar Add-Ons for More Effective Workflows

by Chris Cairns - on Sep 10th 2015 - No Comments
Calendar Planning

Many of us have come to rely on Google for so much of our digital lives. We back up all of our contacts to Google, for example, so that they can be automatically restored and synchronized whenever we get a new smartphone. But as great as the mighty Google may be, its solutions are still missing some useful features. That’s where...

Alternative Android Calendar Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 5th 2013 - No Comments
Desk Calendar

Yes, I know that Google Android devices already come with a pre-installed Calendar application that typically links up with your Google Calendar, but it may not be exactly what you want to use to plan your day. Samsung devices get the skinned S Planner that some people prefer, but what if you want even more options when it comes to alternative...

10 Technology Tips For Breaking Bad Habits

by Michael Kwan - on Aug 21st 2011 - 1 Comment
(Image: mitarart / iStockphoto)

Technology has become the source of many bad habits. People are texting while driving, checking their email while at dinner, and spending far too much time on Facebook and not enough time actually doing work. Thankfully, technology can also prove to be very useful for breaking a bad habit too. The various advancements in technology are...

10 Scheduling Applications To Organize Your Life

by Thursday Bram - on Oct 15th 2010 - 2 Comments
Circling Calendar

Scheduling appointments seems like a simple matter: find an empty space in the calendar and write something down. But the fact of the matter is that there are always complications. Maybe you have to find a spot that fits on a co-worker’s calendar. Maybe you need to make sure you can make it across town in time for the next appointment...

Managing Your Calendar

by Luke McKinney - on Feb 11th 2009 - 1 Comment
Calendar Page

There just aren’t enough days in the week, which is confusing for some workers who think they can cram about 35 into each. With every online or electronic accessory attempting to become your essential assistant (and hold you hostage from then on), some people have to coordinate a quintuplet of calendars: their laptop, mobile device,...