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Free Kindle Fire Apps To Organize Your Life

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 4th 2013 - No Comments
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Owners of the Apple iPad have access to hundreds of thousands of apps through the iTunes App Store. Owners of regular Android tablets can also download thousands of apps through the Google Play Store, but where does this lead all the Kindle Fire people? While that family of tablets is technically powered by Android, it doesn’t have...

Dropbox Security: How To Setup A 2-Step Verification

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 21st 2012 - 1 Comment
Dropbox 2-Step Verification

Absolutely, the convenience of cloud computing means that you don’t need to rely nearly as much on local storage and you can effectively access your files from any computer, anywhere in the world. This creates a double-edged sword, however, as it makes you vulnerable to hacks, thefts, and data leaks. This is why it’s so important...

5 Ways To Expand Your iPhone Memory

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 9th 2012 - 1 Comment

The Apple iPhone, in all its incarnations, has proven to be a very successful smartphone, but it comes with at least one very noteworthy shortcoming: there’s no native way to expand your iPhone memory. If you buy the 16GB iPhone 4S, for example, you really only have those 16 gigs of storage available to you, less after you factor...

Google Drive — Everything You Need To Know

by Michael Kwan - on May 3rd 2012 - No Comments
Image of Google Drive

For better or for worse, Google has come to dominate my online life. I made this statement four years ago and, if anything, it holds even truer today than it did then. I use Gmail. I use YouTube. I have an Android phone. While Google+ hasn’t quite been a runaway success, to put it lightly, Google continues to dominate the online...

40 Y Combinator Startups That Make Your Life Smarter (1-10)

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 15th 2012 - No Comments
40 Y Combinator Startups That Make Your Life Smarter (1-10)

Attracting investors in your young startup can be quite challenging, which is why Y Combinator is such a blessing. The company has been set up specifically to help startups get their seed-stage funding, getting these projects out of the idea stage and into the real world. Y Combinator also provides advice and valuable connections. The...

Dropbox App For iPad And iPhone — Carry Gigabytes Of Data In Your Pocket

by Peter North - on Feb 28th 2012 - No Comments
Dropbox App For iPad And iPhone – Carry Gigabytes Of Data In Your Pocket

There are quite a few cloud-based file storage services on the web, but Dropbox is one of the very best. If you don’t believe me, believe the late Steve Jobs, who offered to buy Dropbox for more than $100 million. Still don’t believe Dropbox is the best of it’s kind? Get this: Dropbox rejected Steve Job’s nine...

7 Business Solutions For New Businesses

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 5th 2011 - 1 Comment
(Image: studiocasper / iStockphoto)

Striking out with a new business is an incredible experience. You finally get to work for yourself, reap the rewards of your hard work and intelligence, and put into practice the millions of ways you could do things better than at your old job. (If you don’t have at least one million improvements in mind, you haven’t worked in an...

5 Highly Creative iPad Apps, Adaptations, And Accessories For Business Use

by Luke McKinney - on Oct 2nd 2011 - No Comments
(Image: DNY59 / iStockphoto)

Everyone wants an iPad; anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Even those who deny the potential of an iPad due to its “mainstream” status are secretly jealous or just permanently grumpy people. The only reason anyone wouldn’t buy a new iPad or other tablet is money. It may be a very fun toy, but playing iPad games isn’t...