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7 Business Solutions For New Businesses

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 5th 2011 - 1 Comment
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Striking out with a new business is an incredible experience. You finally get to work for yourself, reap the rewards of your hard work and intelligence, and put into practice the millions of ways you could do things better than at your old job. (If you don’t have at least one million improvements in mind, you haven’t worked in an...

Top 5 Document Sharing Sites For Finding Reusable Documents

by Chris Cairns - on Sep 2nd 2008 - 16 Comments
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A few months ago, I wrote a post on document reuse and explained how it can boost your document creation efficiency by 40%, on average. This post provides you a list of my top five document sharing sites where you can find reusable docs of all kinds — invoice templates, study cards, business plan samples, venture capital pitch templates,...

Adopting A Philosophy Of Document Reuse (Plus: How To Access Millions Of Reusable Documents)

by Chris Cairns - on Jun 17th 2008 - 3 Comments
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Now I’ll admit document reuse isn’t exactly the sexiest topic to read about. But when you’re looking to quickly and efficiently accomplish tasks ranging from the simple to complex, document reuse is an indispensable time-saving tool that can boost your document creation efficiency, on average, by 40% (based on my personal...