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10+ Resume Templates That Turn Applications Into Interviews

by Peter North - on Aug 16th 2011 - 3 Comments
A bold, colorful booklet-style resume.

Your resume is designed for one single purpose: to win you an interview with a prospective employer. This is achieved almost exclusively by standing out among your fellow applicants. Job seekers are always looking to get their resume to the top of the pile, but strangely, very few of them take the initiative to make their resume visually...

Better Living Through Basic Competence

by Luke McKinney - on Jul 10th 2010 - No Comments
Woman Smiling

It’s time for some Smartlife philosophy — if not the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance, at least a Thought of the Day for Scooter Repair — with a simple strategy to make everyone in the world happier and better at everything. You’re welcome. The problem for millions of employees (currently sighing their way through...

Penelope Trunk Interview

by Thursday Bram - on Oct 4th 2009 - 1 Comment
Penelope Trunk

You shouldn’t outsource your social networking, says Penelope Trunk, even partially. She should know: not only have her columns and blog become popular sources of career advice, but she’s written a book, launched a startup, and built a personal network that has helped her succeed. Social Networking is a Must “Saying...

Sample Statement Of Work For Personal Branding Consulting Services

by Chris Cairns - on Aug 24th 2009 - No Comments
Cattle Brand on Cow

Several months ago, Smartlife published a series of posts on personal branding. During that time, I was approached by a local professional who expressed interest in acquiring the services of a personal branding consultant, but needed some help in articulating what he needed. So I volunteered to produce a Statement of Work for him. Here’s...

Career Vault: A Career Information Management Tool‏

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 15th 2009 - 1 Comment
Files in Boxes

When it comes to managing your career, you likely have a lot of information to deal with. All the information on your professional training may be in one file, completely separate from the information on your references. Just locating everything you need can add an hour to any career management task or project you work on — a time sink...