Scissors on CouponsCoupons can save you cash. According to the Promotion Marketing Association’s Coupon Council, consumers saved nearly $3 billion last year using coupons. Getting a chunk of those billions is worth the effort — but it can be a very time-intensive process. In order to save just $1,000 over the course of the year, you need to spend 20 minutes a week (or 17 hours for the year) clipping and organizing coupons. Rather than hunting down coupons in the newspaper, mailers, and other paper-based mediums they seem to pop up, you do have a couple of options to streamline your coupon-clipping operation: you can get them online or outsource the whole process all together to someone else (such as your virtual assistant or personal grocery shopper). Either way, you’ll still enjoy the savings of using coupons while freeing up your time for other valued activities.

To outsource your coupon clipping, you’ll want to start by creating a list of the food, cleaning supplies, and other products you usually buy. You should make note of brand names if you prefer one company’s product over the other. Your list doesn’t have to be exhaustive: you can always add to it as you remember something in particular. From there, you have the option of taking a quick look on the various coupon websites — or having a virtual assistant or personal grocery shopper do it for you.

You can find more than grocery coupons online, as well. You can often find coupons for just about anything you might buy, from electronics to clothing. It’s definitely worth while to look at a coupon site or two before making a big purchase. There are also quite a few specialized shopping tools online, such as price comparisons. The sites below all offer specialized tools to help you find deals.

Brick & Mortar Shopping — Most coupon sites automatically add deals to their listings. This site, however, lists only handpicked deals — and makes a point of explaining why some deals are better than others. — To get some great manufacturers’ coupons from this site, you have to complete a survey. The coupons are all for name-brand products and you may also receive free samples. — This site groups coupons by categories (Grocery, Health & Beauty, etc.). It also offers a fairly extensive list of free samples and offers. There are a number of “top” coupon lists on the front page to get you started. — The first thing you see if you sign up with this site is a free eBook, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. It’s a guide to using the many coupons on the site effectively. — It’s so easy to miss a great deal just because you didn’t check the expiration date on a coupon. This site focuses on expiring coupons, showing you some great deals that you can get if you act immediately. — Pretty much every coupon in your local Sunday paper will be up on this site. You can skip buying the paper and just print the coupons out here. — In addition to the many coupons this site lists, you can create “Coupon Alerts:” the site automatically emails you when new coupons are posted in a particular category. — This site provides a variety of printable coupons for different stores, as well as pointing out great freebies. — As an added bonus to the local coupons this site offers, you can register for a free grocery gift card through the site. — This site offers up all sorts of coupons and bargains, but it also provides a list of sweepstakes and contests that stores and manufacturers are offering. — Just type in your zip code and this site will provide you with all the deals available at your local grocery stores. — Looking for a coupon for a particular store or restaurant? This site has coupons for stores from Banana Republic to Wal-Mart. — This site brings together the many coupons in grocery circulars so that you can print them out, rather than trying to track down the paper versions. — AOL sponsors this site, which lists manufacturer coupons that you can use in practically any grocery store. — While this site searches for coupons and deals in the same way that most sites catering to online shopping only do, it finds deals that are specifically near your location. — This site is run by one of the main companies to place manufacturer coupons in newspapers; they make all of their coupons available online as well. — Through this site, you can find coupons, deals, and freebies available to Australian shoppers. — Through this site, you can find special deals for both online stores and a whole list of brick and mortar stores. — Most people will recognize the name Valpak from the big envelopes of coupons that routinely make their way into your mailbox. With the website, you can get just the coupons you actually want. — You can find coupons for groceries, restaurants, and travel for both the U.S. and the U.K. on this site.

Online Shopping — This website offers promotional specials, coupons, and clearance sales for thousands of websites. — This site has been posting coupons for electronics deals for over eight years. It also lists freebies and rebates. — Through this site, you can find coupons for select online merchants, chosen based on their high quality products. — While this site does list other coupons and merchants, it focuses specifically on Dell and HP computer coupons. The site updates users of especially good deals via Twitter. — This coupon site has added in forums to help its users take better advantage of the many discounts it offers. The site also regularly updates older discount codes with newer ones. — Most coupons have an expiration date, but the deals on this site are often open-ended. It also lists time-sensitive coupon codes for online shopping. — You can search for specific coupons or search by store on this website. Coupons listed here are also tagged, making it easier to find the coupons you need. — This is one of the simpler interfaces available on a coupon website: you simply search for the store you want coupons for, or browse through stores listed alphabetically. — While this site lists coupons from many other companies, it’s the best source for Dell coupons and sales. — This site aggregates affiliate codes (special deals for members of other sites), as well as other discounts and coupons. — No matter what category of coupon you’re looking for, this site will have it. Catering mostly to online shopping, this site offers up coupons in 25 categories. — This site provides discounts only for online shopping, but it does often list deals for smaller shops that might not show up on other sites’ radar. — You can find deals at big name online retailers, such as Amazon, through this website. — This website aggregates the hottest deals from over 20 different coupon sites. While it doesn’t provide information on some of the harder-to-find coupons, it has some great opportunities you can take advantage of. — Along with searching for coupons, this site helps you to create a wish list and provides price comparison information. — Some coupons can be a hassle to use, but this site provides you with a “Grief Factor” to give you a heads up on what difficulties you might face in trying to cash in a particular coupon. — If you’re looking for a new computer, MP3 player, camera, or TV, this is the best coupon site to visit. It covers electronics deals exclusively. — Rather than lump all coupons and deals together, this site separates them out and provides extra information, like how much a price dropped on a particular deal. — If you want to see reviews of products you’re searching for, along with deals on those items, this site can give you both. — You can find deals for a whole list of online-only retailers on this site, as well as extensive forums where coupon users can share deals and strategies. — Among the many companies this site lists coupons for are a few hard-to-find deals, such as WeightWatchers (one of the harder companies to find good deals for). — While this site is pretty specialized, it’s especially useful: it has coupons for free shipping from more than 800 stores. — This site posts daily coupon codes for a variety of websites, allowing shoppers to take advantage of codes as soon as they become available. — Eleven months out of the year, this site doesn’t really stand out. But if you want to see the Black Friday deals early, you’ll find them here first. — As well as the many discounts this website lists, it also features products from a number of stores both online and brick and mortar. — This site makes it easy to look for coupons and other deals by store, rather than by product. — Through this site you can find coupons for smaller stores that don’t make their coupons as widely available as some of the big retailers. — If you search for a specific item on this site, it will search across hundreds of stores to find the best price. It will also provide any coupons or rebates currently available. — Based on Google’s search engine, this site searches thousands of websites to find deals. The site also includes a few tips on the best keywords to use when searching for a coupon. — In addition to offering up special “Coupons of the Week,” this website offers up an extensive list of coupons and a blog covering the best deals and shopping advice. — In addition to providing you information on coupons you can use online, this site also shows you how many people have been successful using each coupon and their comments. You can have your browser automatically inform you of sites with discounts already shared on with the RetailMeNot 2.2 Firefox plugin. — If you search for a coupon on this site, you can actually get results from more than 60 deals and coupons sites. It also lets you add the ability to search the site to your browser, iGoogle, Netvibes, and Facebook. — Most coupon and deal sites are brand new. This site has been around for long enough that many companies offers it special deals just for its shoppers. — In addition to letting you search for coupons, this site can provide you regular updates via Twitter, Facebook, and email. — This site provides you with a little more control over how coupons are displayed: you can sort by the date coupons were issued, expiration dates, and other categories. — Rather than sort through all the deals that have been posted recently, this site just points out the real steals from the day’s offers. — This site lists the best deals for electronics, both in stores and online.

Social Coupon Sites — On these forums, you can find all sorts of deals — as well as advice on coupons, rebates, and stretching your dollars. — This site offers special deals found through Shopzilla, a price comparison tool. It also shows information about what other people are shopping for and buying. — The members of this site’s forums find the best coupons and post them to the site’s front page to make them available to everyone. — When you use a coupon from this site, you get information on how many other users think that it’s a good deal. — This site lets you submit and vote on coupons, helping inform other shoppers of especially good deals. — Most of these websites cater exclusively to U.S. customers. But this site allows you to search for coupons in a variety of countries. — If there’s a particular coupon or deal you want to keep an eye on, this site will allow you to set up a “BargainWatch.” You can also check your history and see what deals you’ve previously looked at. — While this site relies primarily on its users to share great deals, it also provide comparison information to help you find the best deal on the products you want. — By voting on this site you can help the rest of the community find good deals. Those coupons that don’t receive enough votes sink to the bottom of the list. — You can find both advice and deals on this site, including information on taking full advantage of deals at specific stores. — Want to integrate your coupon clipping with Facebook or iGoogle? This site has widgets that help you keep track of your coupons through either. — Instead of only spitting out coupons and deals, this site has built a community around discussing coupons down to the local deals that show up in your mailbox each day. — You can create a calendar using this site to notify yourself of upcoming sales or deals. It also has a number of tools to find coupons and the best deals. — Finding Canadian coupons and other deals can be a little harder than finding coupons for the U.S., but this site is working on changing that. — Rather than letting anyone vote a coupon up or down, this site takes a different approach to social coupon clipping: there are separate votes from site members and staff, creating two top coupon lists. — In addition to finding you coupons, this site provides you with video reviews from unbiased users. — In addition to listing coupons and other deals, this site allows users to comment on deals, so that they can share information on whether a coupon really is a good deal for other shoppers

Specialty Coupon Tools and Deal Finders — Out shopping and forgot your coupons? You can find deals from your cell phone with this site. — This site is operated by the same folks as It specializes in finding deals on Mac products, but it also reports deals for other electronics. — Instead of letting anyone list a deal on this site, it checks out every deal to ensure that it’s really the lowest price available. — This site receives commissions from stores to sell you products and it splits the commission with you, dropping the price of your purchase. — Although this site is a little light on actual coupons, it does connect you to plenty of free samples. — This site provides a whole suite of tools to help you find deals when you’re shopping online or in real life. It even has a matching iPhone application to make price comparison easy. — This site generates a list of coupons and deals posted each day to a number of other deals sites. — In addition to the many deals this site can show you, it provides information on both featured products and daily shopping picks. — This price comparison site offers it all in one place: not only are there deals on products listed here, but you can also find airfare, mortgages, and college degrees. — Sellers can directly list their own deals on this site, making it a fast way to find opportunities that may not be listed anywhere else yet. — This site offers a number of price comparison tools to help you find the best deal. — On this site, you can compare shops online with those in your city. It offers price comparison for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. — Through this site, you can set up alerts to notify you whenever your favorite clothing brands go on sale in your size. — Companies with specific products to sell sponsor deals on this site, letting its users get special deals that are otherwise unavailable. — This site offers great deals, if you can win them: you have to bid on deals and most of the products are limited to entertainment (TVs, video games, etc.). — This site provides coupons directly to your mobile phone, rather than forcing you to go back to your computer to find deals.

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