Woman Yelling at ManEvery relationship has its problems, so how can we use the Web 2.0 age to resolve our “he said/she said” arguments and save our relationships? Let the masses solve our disputes for us! SideTaker.com, a new website that was just featured on TechCrunch, allows couples to voice their stories about an argument anonymously and let the users decide who’s at fault. Finally, an opportunity for me to show my significant other just how right I am — all the time!

So, how does this service work? Imagine: you and your significant other ran into your ex while at the mall. You decided to talk to your ex, but (of course) your significant other wasn’t so happy about your decision. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, this same discussion recently came up on SideTaker.

Sample SideTaker Argument

Sample SideTaker Argument

As you can see, each member of the couple posts their stories in true Judge Judy/Montel style. Then, members of the website post comments and vote who was in the right and who was in the wrong. At the end of the voting period of two months, the votes are calculated and the couple finds out who was right.

Is crowdsourcing your relationship disputes useful? At first glance, SideTaker seems like a joke. Put all of your secret relationship issues online? Let the masses see your mistakes and vote on them? Ironically, the absurdity of the idea is also SideTaker’s saving grace: because it’s so silly, so funny, and so ridiculous, it’s also very entertaining. This means that, should you choose to use the site to decide on a dispute, there are lots of users who will post their opinions on your situation. For some reason, commenting on other couples’ relationships seems to be part of everyone’s intrinsic nature. And the benefit of letting the masses decide for you could be real: less stress, less time spent arguing, and fewer trips to the counselor. Time will tell whether or not SideTaker delivers any actual benefit beyond public entertainment and one’s own pride (I’m right, you’re wrong).

All in all, SideTaker is a great site to read other couples’ relationship problems, but I personally might be wary of posting my own dispute online. Depending on the couple, I’m not sure that letting other people decide who’s right will be in the best interest of the couple.

But I definitely might try it out for my next minor relationship problem. Now, I just have to figure out a way to make my girlfriend angry…

Image credit: CREATISTA / iStockphoto