Read It Later Pro (Android App)

Have you ever had the experience of someone sending you a fascinating article to read on the Internet, but you just don’t have the time to read it right now? I don’t know about you, but what I usually ended up doing was sending the link to myself in the form of an email. The problem with that is that I just ended up creating another problem: an even more crowded and less organized inbox. Not good. It’s even worse when I find something I want to read on my mobile device.

And this is why I’m really starting to enjoy Read It Later Pro for Android. If I don’t have to time to read that post or watch that video right now, I can always get to it later and this wonderful app lets me manage everything on that reading list in an elegant and efficient way.

Does Exactly What It Says It Does

The name of the app is really self-explanatory. It’s designed to let you “read it later.”

Read It Later for Android

Read It Later for Android

When you come across something that you want to read (or watch) later, all you have to do is hit up the “share” option within the Android app that you are using. The natural application here is with the native web browser, but remember that the “share” feature is also included in Google Reader, Pulse Reader, YouTube, and all sorts of other Android apps. It can even store the content for offline reading later.

At that time, you can launch the Read It Later Pro app on your Android device and sift through your reading list. This is easy enough if you only have a few items, but the Pro version of the app also lets you filter the list based on titles and tags. You can also scroll through the content using the volume rocker on your phone, archiving or deleting stuff as you read it.

A Cross-Platform Distraction Manager

Better still, you’re not just restricted to your Android smartphone or tablet. Read It Later is also set up to work with iOS (iPhone/iPad), Kindle Fire, and even your web browser. Certain apps make use of the Read It Later open API for further integration and cross-platform support.

Read It Later Desktop Queue

Read It Later Desktop Queue

Shown here is the “new” reading queue on the Read It Later website. You will need to sign up for a free account to use any of the apps, but once you do, your reading list will synchronize across anywhere that you use it. This grid style layout is certainly more pleasing on a larger computer screen, but you can switch to a more basic-looking list format too.

As with the Android app, you can do the searching by title, tag, or URL through the web-based interface too.

What About the Free Version?

Read It Later Pro currently sells in Android Market for a reasonable $2.90, but there is also a free Android app if you want to give that a try first. Just bear in mind that the free version doesn’t let you search through your reading list nor can you necessarily view your entire list at a time.

Either way, this sure beats emailing myself with yet another link.