Read It Later app for Kindle

When tablets starting to gain in popularity with the arrival of the Apple iPad, many people wondered when there would be a more affordable option. Most Android tablets at the time were still priced at several hundred dollars, putting them out of budget for many consumers. That changed when the Amazon Kindle Fire was launched, bringing the entry point down to just $199.

No, it may not be quite as powerful or robust as its counterparts that cost twice as much, but it’s still a perfectly capable device that can do a lot of things. And one of those things is let you read some quality content on the Internet. Better still, there is also a Read It Later app for the Kindle Fire, letting you bookmark and save all kinds of great reading from the comfort of your affordably-priced tablet.

Available Through Kindle App Store

The Kindle Fire is, at its core, powered by Google Android. While it does not have official access to Android Market, it can still get its hands on select apps through the special Amazon Appstore. If you go to the Kindle Fire Appstore, you’ll find that Read It Later Pro is listed there for $2.99.

Screenshot of Read It Later for Amazon Kindle Fire

Read It Later for Kindle Fire

Read It Later for the Kindle Fire is essentially the same mobile app that you’ll find on other platforms. What this means is that you still get the same core interface, allowing you to sift through your reading list based on titles, tags, and URLs. As before, the pages that you save with Read It Later can then be displayed in your choice of text view or web view, the former of which strips away most of the graphics and leaves you with the core content.

Synchronizes With Other Read It Later App

The whole point of Read It Later is that it will seamlessly synchronize your account across your various devices. When you use the handy bookmarklet in your web browser, you can save the current webpage for later viewing on your Kindle Fire.

Video player

Video Player

The nice thing is that it isn’t just about the text content. Read It Later will also support images and videos, including a special integrated video player for when you save links from YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar sites. There’s no need to save the video and switch to another app to actually watch it. When you connect your Kindle Fire to the Internet, it can save all that material for later offline enjoyment.

Compatible witih Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard…

Just like the main Android app, the Kindle Fire app is also suitably compatible with a range of other apps that you have on your tablet. When you’re reading content in Flipboard or Pulse, for example, you can save any of those stories by “sharing” with to Read It Later. On the flip side, when you’re reading content in Read It Later, you can “share” it via Facebook and Twitter, among other social possibilities.

A big part of the smart life has to do with allocating your time. Using Read It Later, you can save what you want to read for later. You know, for when you have the time to read it.