Close up of a printable calendar templateWhat day is today? When is that meeting? How much time do I have to buy this anniversary gift? If you want to keep track of all the important dates in your life, it can be a good idea to print a calendar template. This can have several advantages over some of the alternatives. Printing out twelve pages from your inkjet or laser printer is likely more cost effective than spending $10 or more on a commercial wall calendar. What’s more, depending on the type of calendar template, you can customize some of its pre-printed content, like holidays from different countries, upcoming birthdays, or whatever else may be important to you.

Yes, going digital with your choice of scheduling apps can be a very smart decision — especially if you’re synchronizing through the cloud or having pertinent events automatically shared with colleagues — but there’s still something to be said about a physical piece of paper. This is true if you post it on the wall in the office or you leave it on top of your desk. Scribbling notes with a pen is still more convenient in many ways.

So, where can you find these printable calendar templates? The Internet provides you with a bounty of options.

Word Format Calendar Templates – This site offers a number of different calendar formats, most of which show a single month on each page. The downloadable files are compatible with Word, OpenOffice, and Google Docs.

Calendars That Work – The good news is that these calendar formats are quite varied with the opportunity to include your custom pictures, but you only get about two months for free. Full access to full calendars is $22 per year.

WinCalendar – The calendars, into which you can import data from Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, are provided in either portrait or landscape orientation. Excel calendar templates are also available.

HP Calendar Templates

Calendar Templates by HP

HP – Yes, the company that you know for computers, printers, and other office equipment also offers a number of free promotional products, including free printable calendars.

Microsoft – Since the software is called Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word, it only makes sense that Microsoft has calendar templates for its word processor too.

Education World – This site offers a number of tools and templates for the academic realm. The editable calendars are available in monthly format or for each school year.

Free Word Templates – This site offers a number of templates for Microsoft Word. The free printable calendar templates come in monthly and yearly formats.

Freeology – These editable calendars are provided in .doc format for Word, coming in yearly and monthly editions as free downloads.

General Blue – The very simple calendar templates are easily modified and come in three formats: Word, Excel and PDF.

Printable-Calendar – This free service generates monthly or yearly calendars in Rich Text Format (RTF), which can then be edited in Microsoft Word to suit your particular needs.

PDF Printable Calendars

PDF Calendar – While the standard formats have either one month per page or 12 weeks per page, you can also customize the template to change when the week starts, add titles, change colors, and choose the language.

Calendars Quick – A one-year subscription to this site is $12 and it provides you with access to a range of PDF calendar templates. There are photo calendars, fitness planners, printable forms, and more.

ePrintable Calendars – The offerings are only for a couple of months at a time, so you need to come back periodically to get the new versions.

Calendar Template from Vertex42

Vertex42 Sample Calendar

Vertex 42 – The free printable calendars are basic, but you do get to choose your color scheme. There are versions with Sunday or Monday starting weeks.

Free Calendars to Print – The very simple calendars are available in two versions, both of which are in PDF format. One version includes an area for notes, whereas the other does not.

Jim’s Graphics – Scroll about halfway down the page and you’ll see calendars with or without American holidays available to print.

My Free Calendar Maker – Choose from yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily calendars with any start date. The printable PDFs are generated on the spot.

The Paper Mill Store – Choose either 12″ x 12″ or 8.5″ x 11″ sizes with or without holidays on this site. The templates are also available in Adobe InDesign format.

DIY Planner – Browse through the template directory to find a range of user-submitted calendar templates. Many of these have been custom designed for specific purposes.

Owners Guide PDF – The site is mostly for the owner’s manuals for different vehicles, but there is a section with several PDF calendars to download as well. – The navigation through the calendar templates is anything but elegant, but you do get several choices and the templates can be saved in PDF or JPG format.

Printer Projects – The blank calendar template is probably the most versatile as it can be reused again and again, provided that you’re willing to fill in the dates.

Printable Paper – These blank calendar templates are offered in weekly and monthly versions, including several designs with space for notes.

Anny Studio – This site has many simple and elegant calendars in PDF or GIF format up to and including the year 2015. There are also customized calendars for any year from 1900 to 2099.

Online Custom Calendars and Images

Teddy Bear Calendar

DLTK Cards Calendar

DLTK Cards – The printable custom calendars are generated on the web with your choice of image at the top. They are then displayed as a webpage, which can then be printed.

Free Printable Calendar – The site is very basic, but you do get to choose from monthly and yearly calendars. There is also the option to customize by adding a picture.

Time and Date – Create your own custom calendar with options for language, holidays, period, format, note space, design, title, moon phases, and more. Once generated, use the printer-friendly version.

Mint Printables – Most of these colorful templates are completely blank, so you need to fill in the actual dates yourself. They’re available as weekly or monthly calendars, as well as day planners. The image files are typically in PNG format.

Print with my Pic – The main appeal here is being able to upload your own picture to customize your photo calendar. Several monthly and yearly templates are available.

PrintFree – The free templates here are in HTML format. To ensure that they display correctly, set your default text size to medium.

123 New Year – The calendars cannot be customized, but the library of available offerings is quite astounding. Choose from many colorful designs that can be just as suitable for use on the computer as they would be printed for use on the wall.

Image credit: a_korn / Fotolia