Hot Branding IronsComparing personal branding consultants can be a complicated procedure. Some offer what amount to the same services under different titles. Others have different credentials for the same services. A matrix offers a method of comparison that makes it a little easier to see how different consultants stack up. In this Excel-based matrix, personal branding consultants are listed across the top, while lists of services and certifications are on the side. As a starting point, I used the consultants from “50 Personal Branding Consultants Worth Working With.”

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The certifications that each personal branding consultant has pursued vary. However, you can find more information about what specific certifications entail in a previous post, “Career Management Services Certifications.” While the personal branding consultants listed here have other credentials, comparing their certifications gives a better baseline. You can also reference “A Guide To Career Management Services” for more information about what specific services may include.

With regards to the information used to develop this matrix, it’s worth noting that it is based on the websites of the consultants listed. The services, as well as the credentials, offered by specific consultants can change over time and it’s best to check a particular consultant’s website for more specifics. We’ll try to keep the matrix up-to-date, though.

Image credit: 4loops / iStockphoto