On The Relationship Between Light And Productivity

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Home Office Light and Productivity

Let’s face it. Between our smartphones, hybrid cars and microwave ovens, we’ve gotten pretty detached from nature. However, that doesn’t mean that our natural biology doesn’t continue to exert a powerful impact on our day-to-day lives. And there are few things in this world quite as fundamental as how our bodies...

Five Home Automation Apps For Android

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Servo Light Switch

Why do things manually when you can let technology take care of those sorts of things for you? Better still, what if you could handle all of that technology wirelessly, remotely and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet? We’d already looked at some of the better home security apps on the market, but what about when it comes...

Five Unique Cloud Storage Solution Alternatives

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A Computer Hard Drive

By now, you’ve probably familiarized yourself with some of the more popular cloud storage solutions available on the Internet. There’s a good chance that you’re already making good use of your Dropbox account and you might already be collaborating with your colleagues through Google Drive too, but all of these solutions...

5 Terrific Android Apps For A Better Trade Show Experience

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Busy Trade Show Floor

For people who have really never been, attending a trade show or convention sounds like it could be a lot of fun. You look at major events like CES, NAIAS, and E3 and you’re amazed by all the great stuff on display. However, if you’re attending a trade show for work, you’ll soon realize just how befuddling and how exhausting...

Five Invaluable Websites For Mobile Professionals

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Remote Worker

If it weren’t for the Internet, I’d be unable to have the career that I have today. I can work out of the comfort of my home office, connecting with clients all around the world. I don’t have to commute anywhere and, if I happen to be out of town for whatever reason, all I really need is my trusty laptop and a solid...

Awesome Android Apps You May Have Missed In 2013

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Awesome Android Apps for Free

With thousands of apps being released through the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore, it’s very easy for a few fantastic gems to fly under your radar. You already know to get mainstays like Foursquare, Instagram, and Google Keep, but there are all sorts of other awesome Android apps that deserve your attention. Here are five...

Bookmarklets That Will Improve Your Productivity

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Using the Computer

You likely already used a series of bookmarks and RSS feeds to keep tabs on the sites that you frequent the most, but the bookmarks toolbar in your preferred web browser can be so much more powerful. Bookmarklets may look like regular old bookmarks, but they boast special features and functions that are unleashed with a simple click...

5 Smart Extension Apps For Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2)

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Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

It’s not enough to have just a smartphone or just a tablet anymore. You want to have a smart wearable to go along with your mobile device and that’s why smartwatches are slowly, but surely starting to take off. We already wrote before about the Samsung Galaxy Gear and some of the other smartwatch offerings on the market, but...

The Technology You Need To Setup A Freelance Home-Based Business

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Beyond the Margins, by Michael Kwan

Have you ever thought about going into business for yourself as a freelance writer, graphic designer, life coach, real estate agent, or some other similar kind of entrepreneurial professional? In my recently published book Beyond the Margins, I offer tips and advice for precisely these types of individuals. I draw from my several years...

How To Use The Internet When Offline

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Can You Use the Internet When You're Offline?

It’s something that I’ve said many times before, but it’s still something worth re-iterating. If it were not for the advent of the Internet, I don’t think I would have made it as a full-time professional freelance writer. In fact, if it were not for the Internet, I’m not sure this career choice would have...