Downward ChevronsMicrosoft PowerPoint was initially released over two decades ago and has since revolutionized the way presentations are given. It’s popularity is due in no small part to the professional-looking results one can achieve with minimal effort and little expertise with the software. In fact, if you’re afraid that you can’t tackle your project yourself, you could always outsource the work.

Creating a successful PowerPoint presentation can all come down to choosing the right template from which to start. There are literally thousands of templates available on the Internet, but finding the right one can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled this list to give you a good headstart in your search. Between these PowerPoint template resources and our guide to making a fun and effective PowerPoint presentation, you should have no problem wowing your audience.

Free PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Templates – The official source is always a good place to start. Contains well over one hundred different templates grouped into a dozen categories and subcategories.

PowerPoint Styles – The emphasis on “style,” this collection isn’t very large but the vibrant color and sleek designs of the templates make up for the small numbers.

Screenshot of PowerPoint Styles

PowerPoint Styles

Free PowerPoint Templates – A large selection of different templates, all neatly organized into a wide variety of topics such as business, medical, and nature.

Moyea Free PowerPoint Templates – A decent selection with an emphasis on holiday and sports PowerPoint templates, as well as a curious Michael Jackson category.

Sonia Coleman’s Digital Studio – A deceptively large amount of free templates grouped together in sets. Not the easiest to browse through, but there’s a good selection to be had.

Sonia Coleman's Digital Studio

Sonia Coleman's Digital Studio

Brainy Betty – The quality of Brainy Betty’s selection is a little inconsistent, but it’s hard to complain about free templates. Plus, the selection is large enough that you’re bound to find something that you can use.

Free PPT Files - A decent selection of equally decent PowerPoint templates. At first glance the assortment might seem small, but be sure to click through the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Best PowerPoint Templates - While calling them the best might be a bit of a stretch, this site offers a lot of nice-looking templates in a dozen categories and they’re all absolutely free.

Presentation Magazine – The quality of the templates at Presentation Magazine is all over the map, but they offer a whopping 868 PowerPoint templates to choose from — all for free.

Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine

M62 PowerPoint Templates - This site offers an array of categorical PowerPoint templates, including business, finance, technology, pharmaceutical, medical, education, and more.

Templates Wise – Don’t let the small amount on the homepage fool you — once you get into the categories, you’ll see that Templates Wise has a lot of free templates to offer.

Paid PowerPoint Templates

Slideshop PowerPoint Templates – Over a dozen pages of PowerPoint templates, all fitting in a general professional theme and many featuring stock photography.

Animation Factory – A subscription-based site that boasts “500,000 PowerPoint Templates, Backgrounds, Animated Clipart and Videos,” including 3D illustrations.

Animation Factory

Animation Factory

Presenter Media – A healthy amount of templates all available through a subscription-based service, Presenter Media also offers plenty of clipart and animations to spruce up your presentations.

Powered Templates – Powered Templates offers a massive assortment of premium PowerPoint Templates which you can purchase either individually or at a subscription price. You can buy full or partial sets and they even have a bargain area.

Inkd – The selection isn’t very big and the prices are a little steep, but the quality is through the roof. Keep your eyes open for sales that could land you a good deal.



Presentation Pro – Presentation Pro boasts “the best premium templates for PowerPoint” and they might be right. Offers terrific templates from a vide variety of categories like medical, military, and environmental.

Slidevana - Slidevana is a little different than normal template sites. Instead of choosing individual templates to download, you pay a flat fee for the Slidevana toolkit which helps you create a PowerPoint presentation out of pre-made and customized templates.

Graphic River - While Graphic River offers 55,385 “stock graphics files” starting at $1, only a little less than 300 of those are PowerPoint templates, but that’s a decent size and it’s a nice selection.

Digital Office Pro - This Microsoft partner, Digital Office Pro, offers a vast array of PowerPoint templates available for one package price; they don’t seem to be available for individual sale.

Free and Paid PowerPoint Templates

Smile Templates – Over 400 different templates, organized into almost two dozen different categories. Some are free and some are available through a subscription.

Smile Templates

Presentation Load – Presentation Load offers a large selection of both free and premium templates. The premium templates seem to be on the pricier side of things, but the professional quality is undeniable.

Crystal Graphics – The only free PowerPoint templates that you’ll get from CrystalGraphics are the ones that come in their weekly newsletter. Otherwise they offer a very large selection of premium templates.

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