Lookout Mobile Security

I don’t know about you, but the “phone” part of my smartphone is really the least important part. It’s much more like a portable computer with its ability to let me update my social networks, check my email, play games, and so on. That’s a good thing, but it also comes with its fair share of problems too, not unlike my home computer.

Just as there are PC viruses and malware, the same can be said about Android smartphones. And that’s why you may considering grabbing the Lookout Security & Antivirus app for the device of your choosing. You likely have a proper antivirus on your PC, so it only makes sense with all this advancing functionality that you offer your smartphone the same level of protection.

It Starts With Mobile Security

When it comes to the free version of this app, there are really three core functions. Not surprisingly, the first of these has to do with mobile security.


Lookout Spyware Scan

There is an antivirus in there that can look for spyware, malware, Trojans, and other nasty things that could infect your phone. You can and probably should set it up to scan every app that you download for these security risks. Even if Google approves the app, it may not necessarily be 100% safe. If you don’t want to deal with manual scanning, an automatic schedule with daily or weekly scans can be configured too.

Find Your Lost Smartphone

The added risk of having a portable device is that you might lose it. The second core function of Lookout Security & Antivirus addresses that problem.


Lookout - Locate Your Phone

You can use this app to find your lost (or stolen) smartphone, even if the thief happened to turn off the GPS. The smartphone will likely need to be on for this function to work, but you can at least track your phone down using Google Maps. Maybe you just left it at the coffee shop.

As you get closer, you can also remotely activate a loud alarm. This works even if the phone (or tablet) is in silent mode. Locating your phone can be done from any web browser.

Backup and Restore Data Too

The third and final function is the ability to backup and restore your list of contacts. This isn’t nearly as robust as MyBackup Pro, but it’s really just a bonus feature and it’s a good backup in case Google Contacts isn’t cooperating for whatever reason.

And that’s about it for the free version of the app. You can choose to upgrade to the premium version for $2.99 and that will give you real-time browsing protection, remote lock and wipe functions, a privacy advisor, and a more robust backup solution.