Apple iPhone eReader (iBook)The smarter life means getting rid of as much clutter and paper as possible, including the paper-based forms of reading material. When it comes to iPhone eBook reader and comic book reader apps on the Apple iPhone, the options are plentiful. If you’re the kind of person who would prefer not to get a dedicated eReading device, these iOS apps can be a terrific alternative.

You may have already gone paperless by digitizing your documents and you may already be using your iPhone to keep fit, but reading your favorite e-books and e-comic books on that colorful touchscreen can be a great way to pass the time while commuting or waiting at the DMV. Better still, most of these eReading apps are free!


While it may look like a rather basic PDF viewer for the iPhone, SideBooks is actually a rather robust eBook reader app. You get a “curl” animation to simulate page turning, a zoom feature for better legibility, support for Dropbox transfers, and the ability to adjust the brightness to fit your visual preferences. SideBooks will read PDF, ZIP, CBZ, RAR, and CBR formats.

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Comic Zeal Comic Reader

Comic Zeal App for iPhone

Comic Zeal Comic Book eReader

No, it’s not free, but there’s a reason why Comic Zeal is consistently rated as one of the best ways to read comic books on your Apple device. This app recognizes that “reading comics and manga isn’t like reading books.” Your comics are organized by series and you automatically move to the next issue when you’ve completed the previous one, for example. Using the innovative slider, you can reorder the comics, create reading lists, and create dividers. Import your choice of CBZ, CBR, ZIP, and PDF comics using iTunes and a USB cable.

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Marvel Comics

Are you a fan of Wolverine? How about Iron Man or Spider-Man? All of your favorite Marvel superheroes are here in this official Marvel Comics app. You can read through using regular device controls for zooming and panning, but you may also be interested in trying the “guided view,” which provides an “animated, panel-by-panel path through the comic. Your downloads are backed up to your account, so they’re easily transferred to your other reading devices.

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Kobo eBook Reader App

Absolutely, Kobo wants you to download their free eBook reader app and then start purchasing as much content as possible, but it’s also worth noting that there are tons of free eBooks available through Kobo too. In addition to books, the reader and eStore app also includes access to newspaper and magazine subscriptions, as well as integration with Instapaper for reading websites and blogs.

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iBooks by Apple

iBooks app for iPhone

iBooks eBook Reader App

If you would prefer to stick within the Apple ecosystem, then you really have little choice but to adopt the iBooks app. This ties in directly with the Apple iBookstore, letting you download all sorts of books, textbooks, and other content. You can organize all your books and PDFs into personal collections, use the search function to find words in your books, and synchronize your bookmarks across iDevices. You have to admit that the virtual bookshelf here is rather attractive too.

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Amazon Kindle

We really have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Amazon Kindle is easily the largest and most recognizable brand when it comes to e-books, but you don’t need to buy a Kindle eBook reader to read Kindle content. In addition to the over one million books in the Kindle Store, you can also access hundreds of newspapers and magazines. All of it gets synchronized through Amazon Whispersync, including your bookmarks and highlights.

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GoodReader for iPhone

Last but not least, we have GoodReader. This is a robust PDF reader that can handle exceedingly large files. You may also like the markup function, which lets you add sticky notes, text boxes, lines, arrows, and even freehand drawings right on top of a PDF file. GoodReader will even read MS Office, iWork, and HTML files, as well as images, audio and video.

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