Instapaper on the Amazon Kindle

Instapaper is a great way for you to read your web content on the go using an iDevice of your choosing, but did you know that you can save those articles for offline reading on your Amazon Kindle too? Even though the regular Kindle e-reader doesn’t have a traditional app store, it is possible to have your Instapaper saved content pushed directly to that e-ink display.

This is one of the Instapaper extras that may have flown under your web-browsing radar. There’s the ability to export your Instapaper reading list and import it onto your Kindle in a manual fashion, but why would you want to do that when it could all be automatic? This is Smartlife, after all, and we’re all about saving time and doing things more efficiently.

Setting Up Automatic Delivery

To be fair, you’ll need to jump through some rather complex looking hoops to get the automatic delivery set up on your Kindle. The good news is that once you’ve set it up, everything should start to work on its own. In effect, the system is set up so that Instapaper emails the content to your Wi-Fi-capable Kindle.

First, log into your account on Go to the account link in the top-right corner and navigate to the “Manage my Kindle settings” link. The resulting page will have an e-mail address highlighted in green. Copy that e-mail address to your clipboard. Then, in another browser window (or tab), log into your Amazon account and go to the Kindle personal document settings page. Add the email address to the approved “Approved Personal Document E-mail” list.

Kindle E-mail Address

Kindle E-mail Address

While on that same page, scroll up to the top to find your Kindle’s email address. Then, go back to the Instapaper settings page and add it to the “My Kindle’s email address” field. If you have a 3G-capable Kindle, you may want to opt for the email address, as pushing the content to your email address may incur 3G delivery charges. The address will only use Wi-Fi. If you only have a WiFi-capable Kindle, then this choice doesn’t really matter.

After that, you can configure your delivery settings. You can choose the number of articles sent in each compilation, the minimum number required, the frequency of delivery, and the preferred delivery time. If your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi (or 3G), the content will get sent based on those settings at those times.

If you’re confused about this setup process, check out David Smith’s post or this YouTube video for more information.

The Kindle-ized Instapaper Experience

So, what does Instapaper on the Kindle look like? When you receive the compilation, it will appear as “Instapaper: [Date]” in your reading list. This is a collection of all the articles you have saved that are being pushed that day.

Kindle Reading List

Kindle Reading List

When you open up that compilation, you will be presented with the first article on the list. You scroll through the article using the up and down controls, and you jump to other articles using the left and right buttons. If you’d prefer to see the full list of articles included in the compilation, you can click on the View Sections & Articles link. That sends you to the Table of Contents as shown above.

And that’s how you can read your Instapaper content offline on your Amazon Kindle. It’s like getting the evening newspaper as you get ready for bed!