Web-ConstructionIf you’re trying to build an online presence for yourself or for your business, you almost certainly have asked this question: “Who will make the website?” Often one of the most difficult parts about building a website is quite simply finding someone to build it. There are definitely a lot of web developers on the Internet. So many of them in fact it’s actually quite difficult to figure out whom to hire. As a freelance web developer myself, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn about some of the best. Here are 25 of them. Take a look at these developers’ portfolios and see if you like their style.

I hope that this list helps you find your own web developer. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know of other highly-skilled developers who should be on the follow-on list.

1. Richard McCoy
Areas of Expertise: Design
Sample Work: Live for the Outdoors, All Saints, Hello Cruise

2. Contemporary Multimedia
Areas of Expertise: Design, Development, 3D Animation, Flash Design, SEO, PPC
Sample Work: The Complete Retreat, CM Unity

3. Hamza Kahn-Cheema
Areas of Expertise: Agile Web Development, Ruby on Rails
Sample Work: China Dialogue, White Jewel

4. Bali Web Design
Areas of Expertise:
Design, Database-driven App Development (ASP, PHP, Ajax, MySQL), Flash Animation, Flash ActionScript, Maintenance, SEO
Sample Work:
AB Telecom Solutions

5. Adrienne Palmiere
Areas of Expertise: PHP, MySQL
Sample Work: Brokerbuzz.com, RoomSaver.com

6. Robert Geake
Areas of Expertise: CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL, E-Commerce, HTML/XHTML, SEO
Sample Work: Brogdale Online

7. Jenski
Areas of Expertise: Design, Database-driven Apps, Java, HTML/XHTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, C/C++, DirectX
Sample Work: Blue Stream Design

8. Andrea Gambedotti
Areas of Expertise: Flash, HTML, Graphic Design
Sample Work: Check out his personal page.

9. Olexiy Merenkov
Areas of Expertise: PHP, Perl, MySQL
Sample Work: Premiere Litho, ElBuenHabano.com

10. Stanislav Pavlov
Areas of Expertise: Design/Redesign, Development (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS), Logo Design
Sample Work: KubanPC

11. Jim Callender
Areas of Expertise: Development (SEO, CSS, W3C)
Sample Work: See his portfolio.

12. Ben Robertson
Areas of Expertise: Design/Development, Maintenance, Copywriting, CMS, E-Commerce, Internet Game Design (Flash)
Sample Work: Athena 3D, Biowaste2energy

13. Jules Gravinese
Areas of Expertise: Ajax + SEO, Web 2.0, ColdFusion, CMS, Extranets, E-Commerce
Sample Work: Museum of Western Colorado, Emergent Success

14. Colin Miller
Areas of Expertise: Design, App Development, Maintenance, Database Integration, CMS, E-Commerce, Flash, SEO, Graphics
Sample Work: Open College of the Arts, Royal Society’s 350th Anniversary Campaign

15. Henry Hughes
Areas of Expertise: CLI, Apache, SVN, OOP, MVC, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS, ActionScript
Sample Work: World Gold Council, Idea Creative Consultants

16. Chris Wheeler
Areas of Expertise: PHP, XHTML, CSS, JSP, ASP
Sample Work: Beeleaf Consulting, Gridline Engineering Limited

17. David McDonald
Areas of Expertise: XHTML, CSS, User Interface Design, Usability, Accessibility, SEO, W3C Standards Compliance
Sample Work: BHP Billiton, Victorian Detective Services

18. Lucía Otero
Areas of Expertise: Design/Development (CSS, Graphics, XHTML), WordPress, Ad Banners & Wallpapers
Sample Work: Wallpapers2003, El oasis de los postres

19. Paul Silver
Areas of Expertise: ColdFusion, PHP, SEO, Google Search Appliance and Mini Integration, XHTML/CSS
Sample Work: Simply Cleaning

20. Panurgo Design
Areas of Expertise: PHP, MySQL, Flash
Sample Work: Germat, Wilkok

21. Josh Huckabee
Areas of Expertise: Design, Ruby on Rails, Drupal
Sample Work: Drupal OpenID URL, MIT Simile Web Widgets

22. Özgün Koyun
Areas of Expertise: Ruby on Rails
Sample Work: VizURL, Halkina Vukati

23. James Sadler
Areas of Expertise: PHP, MySQL
Sample Work: AxelMusic, Fido

24. iBuildSite
Areas of Expertise: Flash, E-Commerce
Sample Work: articlezilla, SellYourWeddingDress.com

25. Steven Lucy
Areas of Expertise: Design, Various Programming Languages, Web-based Databases, E-Commerce
Sample Work: Gravityspot, Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America

Image credit: Leontura / iStockphoto