iPhone MusicYou may have loaded up on songs by way of iTunes purchases, but there’s always room for some more iPhone music, especially when said music is free. Perhaps one of the greatest things about this collection of iPhone music apps is that they don’t require you to download all the songs and, thus, you won’t have to worry as much about expanding memory to accommodate them. Instead, they’re all free music streaming services.

This can be great for when you’re on the road, when you’re working out at the gym, or simply when you’re looking for some new tunes to inspire you. Remembering that the Apple iPhone is one of the few smartphones these days that doesn’t come with a built-in FM radio, Internet radio, and other streaming music services may be arguably even better.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio iPhone Music App

Slacker Radio iPhone Music App

With conventional radio, you just have to listen to whatever the DJs are playing for you. The great thing about Slacker is that you get a personalized radio experience, giving you access to the entire Slacker music library. There are millions of songs from thousands of artists. You can choose to create your own custom station or you can turn to one of the over 150 “expert-programmed” stations.

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AOL Radio

AOL Radio App for iPhone

iPhone AOL Radio Music App

Forget about those old CDs with trial software, AOL is still very much around and kicking, but they’re in a different kind of business than dial-up Internet access. With AOL Radio, you get all sorts of great iPhone music by way of over 200 free music stations. They’re broken down by genre, like country and hip hop, and you can even skip songs that you don’t like. And yes, you can get your news and sports programming too.

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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio iPhone Music App

TuneIn Radio iPhone Music App (source: wokay.com)

You might remember that I mentioned TuneIn Radio as part of my list of smart travel apps for Android, but it’s also available for the iOS platform. The functionality is virtually identical, giving you access to over 70,000 radio stations and over 2 million on-demand programs. This is a great way to listen to your local radio stations when you happen to be out of town, just as much as it’s great for exploring stations outside of your hometown.

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iHeardRadio Music App

iHeardRadio Music App (source: wokay.com)

This iPhone music app works in much the same way as TuneIn Radio in that you can access a wide range of live stations with plenty of pop, urban, and rock music. One difference, though, is that you are also able to create custom commercial-free stations based on the songs and artists that you like. The catalog includes over 14 million songs from 400,000 artists.

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VEVO Music Videos

VEVO Music Videos on iPhone

VEVO App for iPhone

Music is pretty great, but visuals can sometimes be even better. You may have already seen some of the music videos posted by VEVO on YouTube, but you can have easier mobile access to them by way of the iPhone app. You can sync your playlists to the cloud, match artists in your iOS music library to VEVO videos, and share the videos with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. There are over 50,000 music videos in VEVO’s catalog.

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Pandora iPhone Music App

Pandora Radio Music App

Pandora Radio Music App (source: wokay.com)

Don’t you wish your iPhone music experience could be smarter? The idea with the Pandora app is just like the main Pandora web-based service: you start with an artist or song that you like and then Pandora starts to create a custom “radio station” with similar tunes. If you upgrade to Pandora One for $3.99 a month, you can get rid of the ads and enjoy higher quality audio.

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Last.fm iPhone Music App

Last.fm iPhone Music App (source: reviews.cnet.com)

Well, it’s only appropriate that the last item in this list of iPhone music apps is Last.fm. It is true that the main purpose of Last.fm is to track the music you and your friends have been playing, but you can also listen to music recommendations through Last.fm radio. In effect, this gives you a personalized station based on the music that you already enjoy.

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Image credit: dtwash / Flickr