FindTheBest: Unbiased, Data-Driven Comparisons

The Internet is a massive place. I’ve been trying to browse to the end of it for years, but it just doesn’t seem to stop anywhere. It has gotten so large that finding the results you want has become nearly impossible. How can consumers sort through the junk on the web, and find accurate and reliable comparison data online? FindTheBest is the answer to that problem.

FindTheBest has created an unbiased, data-driven search engine, giving you access to compiled data that helps you make the most informed decision possible. While it might not solve the Paradox of Choice fully, its rapid growth testifies to its usefulness: FindTheBest now features over 760 comparisons with traffic reaching up to 5,000,000 unique visitors per month. A reliable source of consumer information on the Internet has long seemed out of reach — until now.

When trying to decide which smartphone to invest your money in, should you rely on websites that feature only companies that pay to be there? Take a look at the app’s data-based list of the top smartphones of 2012:

Smartphone Comparison Search Results

Smartphone Comparison Search Results

Deciding which smartphone to buy can be a very difficult process, because of the investment involved and the risk of purchasing a product that you are not happy with in the long run. Through FindTheBest’s comparisons, you can closely examine every detail of these products side-by-side, and then make the most informed decision possible on which ones you prefer. Using FindTheBest, you can narrow down comparisons using built-in filters to limit their options to only those products that feature everything you’re looking for. Through this process, it helps match you to the perfect product.

FindTheBest provides unbiased data compiled by real people, not computers. Using this service, you can compare digital cameras, tablets, and even iPod docks.