Evi for Android is an alternative to Siri

I love my Android phone, but I can’t help but to be a little envious of my iFriends from time to time. While it wouldn’t be totally accurate that I wanted to have Siri on my phone, too, I thought it would be nice to have a true “voice assistant” on my smartphone.

There are other so-called Siri clones out there already, but one that holds a fair bit of promise is called Evi. Developed by True Knowledge, it is “the revolutionary artificial intelligence” that is meant to “help with all of your everyday information needs.” Not unlike Siri, Evi is designed to figure out exactly what it is you’re asking, look around the Internet for relevant info, then present you that info in a meaningful and useful way.

Ask Evi Anything

Yes, you could just as easily fire-up your mobile browser and do a search on Google, but Evi is supposed to take some of the guesswork out of those results. You can quite literally ask Evi anything, from finding suitable meal ideas to learning the age of Barack Obama.

For now, the localized information is being limited to the United States and the United Kingdom, though I imagine that True Knowledge will expand that base as Evi continues to grow and evolve. Evi taps into the “nearly a billion facts” in her database, as well as information found throughout the web.

Depending on the question, the answer will be presented in a different way. Restaurant suggestions could take the form of a directory listing (complete with clickable links for the built-in browser), whereas a factual question could just take on the form of some straight text. In the case of asking about a person’s age, an image is usually shown, as well as some supplementary information.

Lost in Conversation

Part of the fun with Siri is that it can usually spit out somewhat comical responses. There’s a sense of humor there. Evi tries to do that, too.

Evi User Interface

Evi Answering Questions

But it’s not that funny. Instead, when I asked Evi about Siri, it stated that Evi was better than Siri for this and that reason. I also noticed that you’re not able to maintain a “conversation” with Evi like you can with Siri, as each question is taken in isolation. You can give each response a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating, though, helping Evi with its adaptive intelligence.

Also Available for iOS

No, Evi doesn’t offer quite as polished an experience as Siri, but it’s a nice option for all us Google Android-touting folks. It’s also good that you can ask a question either by voice or by text, just in case there are some voice recognition or spelling challenges.

The other good news is Evi for Android is a free download, so you really have nothing to lose for giving it a try. It’s also available for iPhone as a 99-cent purchase.