Eternity Time Log app for iPad and iPhone

“To do” list apps are the most popular app type on the market. There are free, simple list apps, expensive, robust list apps, and even lists apps that come pre-installed on your smartphone. “To do” lists vary in price and quality, but they are all based on the same philosophy — just program a task into the app, and those tasks will get completed. Simple, Right?

Not exactly.

From their own experience, almost anyone would agree that it takes a lot more to complete your tasks than just writing them down. Unplanned interruptions, surprises, and emergencies can turn even the most meticulously planned list of work into a total pipe dream. Yet, we all continue to plan out our productive time in the form of perfect, immaculate, idealized lists despite the fact that we haven’t had a day that went “as planned” for months.

So, instead of planning (and hoping) for a never-ending series of perfect, distraction-free days, let’s get a little more realistic and start learning from our past experiences. That’s where a time-tracking app like Eternity Time Log can study your past schedules, produce detailed reports about where your 24 hours are going each day, and identify wasted time. Unlike the typical “to do” list app, Eternity Time Tracker offers offers real, legitimate help for those who want to finish their work instead of just writing it down on an ever-growing list.

Eternity Time Log

Eternity Time Log offers detailed feedback on exactly how you use your time.

Within Eternity Time Tracker, you can make task categories such as “work,” “rest,” “studying,” “chores,” or any other type of task that costs you time. You can also add notes and tags to each task, which will allow Eternity Time Tracker to generate even more detailed reports on your time use.

Some users may generally understand that they have a long commute, but when they learn that 21% of their waking hours are spent getting to and from work, they can really respond to that information. That kind of precise data is a lot more helpful than an unfinished list item sitting on a “to do” list wondering “why am I not getting done?”

Other users might discover that daily chores are taking up too much of their time, and that it would be more time-efficient to hire some help and pay for it by working a little bit longer each day. Perhaps 3 hours of consulting could pay for 15 hours of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and other mundane tasks. Wouldn’t you rather have 12 hours of your life back? Without time-tracking software, you may never know that a few minutes of doing what you do best could pay for hours of tedious chores.

So, if you’ve ever had all-too-common thoughts like “where does the time go?” or “wow, the day just flew by,” consider taking the initiative and finding out exactly where that time really went. You may discover some ways to put more sand back in the hourglass, and it’s hard to put a price on that.