Dropbox App for iPad and iPhone

There are quite a few cloud-based file storage services on the web, but Dropbox is one of the very best. If you don’t believe me, believe the late Steve Jobs, who offered to buy Dropbox for more than $100 million. Still don’t believe Dropbox is the best of it’s kind? Get this: Dropbox rejected Steve Job’s nine digit offer.

Clearly, Dropbox is an exceptional tool for storing personal information or business data. The fact that they offer fully-functional accounts for free makes Dropbox a no-brainer for anyone looking to stay organized and mobile.

Dropbox for Your Desktop

The Dropbox desktop application is a small, lightweight program that allows you to back up several gigabytes of data from your computer. It was carefully designed to unobtrusively replicate the files from a chosen folder without bothering you with pop-ups, prompts or unnecessary messages. The fact that Dropbox runs automatically in the background (and lets you focus on your work distraction-free) makes it a favorite among desktop workers. And, knowing that recent copies of your most essential files are waiting in your Dropbox account frees you from fears of crashes, hard drive corruption or other costly computer problems.

Shared Folders

Dropbox also allows you to created “shared folders” that other Dropbox users — like your friends or business partners — can access. Members of a “shared folder” automatically get a notification email whenever new items are placed in the folder, saving you from sending the email yourself. Shared folders make collaborating a lot easier, and they reduce back-and-forth emails and tedious busywork for everyone.

Dropbox for iOS

Dropbox for your desktop is certainly helpful enough, but their iPhone and iPad apps make their service even better. Instead of just relying on Dropbox to save you from a disastrous computer problem, you can now extend it to send those same critical files to your iPhone or iPad on demand. In fact, as soon as you set up the Dropbox iPhone or iPad app, you can already see the files and folders that were replicated from your desktop computer.

Dropbox for iOS

Using the Dropbox iOS app, you can view files such as Word .docs, images and PDFs, and you can even send them into other iOS apps for reading and editing. If you’ve set up Dropbox on your desktop and iPhone and you’ve populated your account with the right files, you’ll never have to say “I left that at the office” or “that file is on my computer at home” ever again.

So, if you’re a fan of getting things done, making the most of your time and preventing huge headaches from computer blow-ups, you should certainly be a Dropbox user. Your brain, your colleagues and your essential files will greatly appreciate it.