The Big Change iOS app

David Campell once said that “discipline is remembering what you want.” The quote carries a lot of truth in just a few words. Returning your focus to larger goals is a daily effort in discipline. In fact, in today’s age of smartphones, rapid-fire communication, and absurdly busy schedules, it has become even harder to keep your long-term goals and aspirations in mind. Ever-changing priorities, schizophrenic work settings, and the never-ending battle of work-life balance can often distract you from your bigger plans and reduce your thinking to the problems and tasks of the day, hour, or minute. Whether you’re pursuing higher education, planning your dream business or just trying to hang on to your New Year’s resolutions, it’s a struggle just to keep your aspirations in mind and in order.

Big Change, a brand new iOS app, can rescue you from daily dilemmas and distractions by organizing your long-term goals, recording measurable progress, and setting up rewards for completion. In terms of staying disciplined and “remembering what you want,” Big Change is a fantastic aid for any life goal. Rather than struggling internally with neglecting your long-term goals and indulging yourself with spending/eating/drinking, you can create an avenue to both meet your long-term goals and truly earn well-deserved rewards that you’ve programmed into the Big Change app.

When you first download Big Change, you set up accounts to accept the self-set cash rewards for each milestone that brings you closer to your goal. It doesn’t involve any actual transactions or bank accounts; it’s just a way to reward yourself and keep yourself accountable (no pun intended). These accounts can be for a very specific reward — like a new bike — or they can simply be a general fund to be spent however you’d like.

2 reward accounts in Big Change

2 reward accounts set up in in Big Change

Your next step towards using Big Change to organize and motivate is to set up specific goals. Big Change offers templates for common goal areas such as spending, exercise, and weight loss, but it also allows you to create custom goals that can consist of whatever personal aspirations you have, no matter how unusual they are.

3 goals within Big Change for iOS

3 goals within the Big Change iOS app

Each goal also allows you to specify a monetary goal and a smaller monetary reward every time you get a step closer to your achievement. You can determine where this “earned” money goes buy choosing which Big Change account to accept the reward. Don’t worry, the app never asks or or requires any real bank account information. It simply allows to to truly earn some of those purchases with self-specified goals. You do the actual transactions separately, on the honor system of course.

After that, measuring your progress is as simple as touching a single “Record Progress” button for every workout, study session, pound lost or dollar saved. Big Change will do the rest, and motivate you with clear progress charts showing how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go before you meet your goals.

Tracking your progress towards your goals in Big Change

Tracking your progress towards your goals in Big Change

So, if you’re having trouble planning your long-term goals, starting the path towards your achievements, measuring your progress or finishing strong, Big Change can help create change, both in your personal habits as well as you bank account.