Businessman walking with a computer case

Modern technology makes everything easier, but sometimes the pursuit of powerful hardware ignores the actual humans. How many times have you witnessed others struggling with an unwieldy laptop, forcing it edge-on into an unsuitable case? Or spilling their carrier’s contents as they extract their electronic assistant? A good choice of computer storage makes every single use that much easier — and making the right choice once to ease life forever is what this blog’s all about.

1. Solo Urban Vertical Messenger

The Urban Messenger is just army-looking enough for function and ruggedness without suggesting psycho wannabe-tough tendencies. The smooth styling combines multiple compartments with a total lack of awkward straps, buckles, or bagginess. Anyone looking to reduce the military vibe further can go for the black variant.

Solo Urban Messenger

Solo Urban Vertical Messenger

An incredibly useful addition is the large, file-sized separate pocket ideal for newspapers, magazines, or printouts — negating the need to jam large sheaves of paper into the laptop compartment. Ease of access to this “reading material” pocket shows real thought in construction.

2. Pocket Full of ‘Puter

The opposite end of the style spectrum is served by Melissa Beth Designs with the Pocket Full of ‘Puter. Forgive the insufferably cute name and you end up with an intelligently engineered case which doesn’t sacrifice function for form. Leather trim lends this laptop bag real style, while foam padding protects the contents.

Pocket Full of 'Puter

Pocket Full of 'Puter

It isn’t just for tittering teenagers, either — while it’s the pinkest ‘puter case you’ve ever seen, a range of other colors reflects the fact that the designer understands that not every female has just pranced off the set of a stereotypical soap opera.  In fact, not everyone who likes good-looking accessories is a girl — an amazing insight that the tech industry is finally catching up with.

3. Cargo Sleeve

BUILT doesn’t want to sell you bags — this designer understands that you might just already have some with having been alive this long and owning a computer. Instead they offer a cool Cargo Sleeve with neoprene padding — ideal for encapsulating your electronics inside larger luggage which otherwise wouldn’t treat your laptop with the respect it deserves.

Cargo Sleeve

Cargo Sleeve

It’s an extremely functional piece of kit, combining extra zippers and pockets (for all those essential but annoying bits and bobs your work requires) with distinctive design. The result is something you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with — and for an “I bought a special sleeve to protect my precious computer” item, that’s very well done indeed!

4. DIY Jean Bag

Finally, we have a bit of fun for Smartlifers who like to make their own cool (though we recommend someone else doing it for you). This handy video shows the steps involved in converting old jeans into a stylish tote bag — because if there’s anything sexier than a shiny little laptop, it’s said system in Daisy Duke cutoffs.

Image credit: sonya123 / iStockphoto