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Penelope Trunk Interview

by Thursday Bram - on Oct 4th 2009 - 1 Comment
Penelope Trunk

You shouldn’t outsource your social networking, says Penelope Trunk, even partially. She should know: not only have her columns and blog become popular sources of career advice, but she’s written a book, launched a startup, and built a personal network that has helped her succeed. Social Networking is a Must “Saying...

Smart Twitting: Using Twitter To Save Time And Increase Productivity

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 15th 2008 - No Comments
Twitter logos

Twitter is the service that asks “What are you doing?” and gives you 140 characters to answer. These mini-messages can be sent by web or SMS and act as high-tech haiku — if haiku was Japanese for “people who can’t spell tell you what they just ate, but not why you should care.” With endless uninteresting...

Experiment: Outsourcing My Blog Commenting To India

by Chris Cairns - on Nov 16th 2008 - 7 Comments
Taj Mahal

About a month and a half ago, I told myself that I needed to drive some damn traffic to my new blog. I knew from reading and conducting mini-trials of my own that habitually commenting on other people’s blogs generates traffic. Readers see your “value-added” comments, visit your site, and become avid followers....