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25+ Kindle Apps To Improve Your Productivity

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 8th 2012 - No Comments
Amazon Kindle Fire

Many people use the Amazon Kindle family of devices for reading a wide range of e-books. That’s great, but you shouldn’t forget about the tons of Kindle apps that are also available to help to improve your productivity. This is particularly true of the Kindle Fire, since it’s more like an Android tablet than it’s...

Read It Later App For Amazon Kindle Fire

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 1st 2012 - No Comments
Amazon Kindle Fire Has Read It Later App Too

When tablets starting to gain in popularity with the arrival of the Apple iPad, many people wondered when there would be a more affordable option. Most Android tablets at the time were still priced at several hundred dollars, putting them out of budget for many consumers. That changed when the Amazon Kindle Fire was launched, bringing...

Instapaper On Your Amazon Kindle E-Reader

by Michael Kwan - on Mar 27th 2012 - No Comments
Instapaper on Your Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Instapaper is a great way for you to read your web content on the go using an iDevice of your choosing, but did you know that you can save those articles for offline reading on your Amazon Kindle too? Even though the regular Kindle e-reader doesn’t have a traditional app store, it is possible to have your Instapaper saved content...