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25 Freelance Web Developers

by Maneesh Sethi - on Feb 25th 2009 - 8 Comments

If you’re trying to build an online presence for yourself or for your business, you almost certainly have asked this question: “Who will make the website?” Often one of the most difficult parts about building a website is quite simply finding someone to build it. There are definitely a lot of web developers on the Internet....

50+ HTML/CSS Conversion Companies

by Chris Cairns - on Oct 5th 2008 - 24 Comments

Last week, Smartlife wrote a review of CSSRockstars and found that there are plenty of other HTML/CSS conversion companies out there worth a look — for example, XHTMLizers, XhtmlMagic, PSDChopstick, W3 <MARKUP/>, and many others. Given the large number of companies who perform HTML/CSS conversion as a service (i.e., transform...

CSSRockstars: Convert Your Website Design To HTML/CSS Markup

by Martha Cooney - on Sep 28th 2008 - 5 Comments
Html Code

Several weeks ago, I wrote a review of 99designs, which hosts an online designer marketplace where you can crowdsource your design needs such as logos, graphics, website designs, and business cards. One question that came to mind while reviewing 99designs was, after you receive your new website design, then what? I don’t know about...

99designs Allows Users To “Crowdsource” By Reaching Loads Of Designers At Once

by Martha Cooney - on Aug 6th 2008 - 4 Comments
Crowdsource with many people supporting

Need a new logo, graphic, website, or business card? Overwhelmed by the process of finding a new designer, getting the end result you want, and keeping costs and time commitment down? 99designs promises the perfect solution for both clients and designers alike: post a contest to create your design, and thousands of designers compete to...

12 World-Class Service Providers You Can Outsource Your Blog Design To

by Chris Cairns - on Jul 23rd 2008 - 9 Comments
Painting a Picture

A few weeks ago, I posted an article outlining the steps that I followed in outsourcing the design of my professional blog. Check it out in case you haven’t read it yet. In that post, I described how I compiled a list of blog design service providers, narrowed that list down to a manageable few, solicited request for quotes (RFQs)...

A Guide To Outsourcing Your Professional Blog’s Design

by Chris Cairns - on Jul 3rd 2008 - 1 Comment
Paintbrush Mixing Paint

Professional blogging represents a great way to automate your cash inflow. Bloggers like Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina actually earn six-digit incomes annually from blogging! One of the critical elements of any money-making blog is a great design. How do you get one? There are a number blog design specialists such as E.Webscapes Design...