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5 Great Tools For WordPress On iPhone

by Chris Cairns - on Nov 12th 2012 - No Comments
WordPress on iPhone

There are a number of different website builders and content management systems out there, but WordPress has to be one of the most popular. It’s used widely as a blogging platform, for both casual blogs and professional ones, but it can also be easily adapted to be a business site, an e-commerce site, and even an online forum. That’s...

6 Ways To Make A PowerPoint Presentation Fun And Effective

by Luke McKinney - on Oct 28th 2011 - No Comments
(Image: jsmith / iStockPhoto)

They say the medium is the message, and with PowerPoint that medium is needed to reach the people who’ve died of boredom. The same simple mistakes have turned a handy tool for arranging information into weaponized monotony. PowerPoint now enjoys the same reputation as a pit of scorpions, which is a pity, because it’s (mis)used all...

The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Uses Of QR Codes

by Peter North - on Aug 4th 2011 - 18 Comments

QR codes (an abbreviation of “quick response codes”) were invented in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota Motors. They were originally designed to track car parts during the manufacturing process, but it quickly became clear that the technology could be re-purposed for a wide variety of uses. Despite being around for over a decade,...

20+ Infographic Designers And Graphic Artists

by Michael Kwan - on Nov 1st 2010 - 4 Comments
Trends Graph

Not too many people have a knack for understanding a massive spreadsheet. Not only is it challenging; it can also be incredibly boring. That’s why infographics are much more effective for making sense of complex arrays of data. They’ve been used for years by magazines and newspapers, but infographics have really found a place...

10 Professional Screencasters

by Michael Kwan - on Oct 31st 2010 - 1 Comment
Person On Computer

When it comes to understanding software or navigating through a website, a screencast can be a much more effective tool than a simple screenshot. Videos are so much more powerful than pictures and the same holds true with screencasting. A screencast is a digital recording of what appears on a computer screen and it may also be known...

20 Freelance Cartoonists You Can Outsource To

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 25th 2010 - 10 Comments
Mouse in Trap

To give a naturally personable and approachable feel to your marketing efforts, it can be valuable to make use of cartoons and cartoon-like visuals. This can be very effective both online and offline, making good use of humor and caricacture to lighten the mood. However, most people are not very skilled in this style of illustration. Thankfully,...

25 Freelance Graphic Designers

by Thursday Bram - on Jan 17th 2010 - 7 Comments
Color Swatches

If you’ve got a design project in mind, going directly to a freelancer is often the best choice. While other options, such as crowdsourcing, are available, a good freelancer will be able to work with the ideas you have for your project and can meet the exact specifications you need. Furthermore, the act of choosing a freelance...

Crowdsourcing Designs – Lessons Learned

by Chris Cairns - on Jan 8th 2010 - No Comments
Colored Smoke

If you’re unfamiliar with the practice of crowdsourcing design work, check out this post and then zip on back. Since first reading Sean Johnson’s excellent post on how to crowdsource designs last April, I’ve had the experience of running several design contests. 99designs has been my preferred venue, but there are others...

35 Ruby on Rails Developers Focused On Startups

by Thursday Bram - on Jun 9th 2009 - 2 Comments
Ruby on Rails Logo

Ruby on Rails is an ideal framework for building web applications: it’s designed with rapid and flexible development in mind, making it a cost-effective option for getting a web application up and running quickly. Between the fact that Ruby on Rails is open source and it was developed to work with Agile software development methods,...

50+ Blog Service Providers

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 11th 2009 - 18 Comments
Blog Letters

When you’re putting together a blog, outsourcing some of the writing is a good place to start. But you can outsource far more — from the actual setup and design of your blog, to SEO and marketing, there are a wide range of blogging professionals ready to help you. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 50+...