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Alternative Android Calendar Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 5th 2013 - No Comments
Desk Calendar

Yes, I know that Google Android devices already come with a pre-installed Calendar application that typically links up with your Google Calendar, but it may not be exactly what you want to use to plan your day. Samsung devices get the skinned S Planner that some people prefer, but what if you want even more options when it comes to alternative...

Work Smarter With Free Time Tracking Software

by Chris Cairns - on Jan 24th 2013 - 5 Comments
Time Is Money

Have you ever had the experience where you were discussing a project with a client, quote them a total price based on the number of hours that you thought it would take to complete, and then discover that it actually took you much, much longer? We’re bound to be a little inaccurate with our personal guesstimates and that’s...

30+ Places To Download Printable Calendar Templates

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 13th 2012 - 2 Comments
Close up of a printed calendar page

What day is today? When is that meeting? How much time do I have to buy this anniversary gift? If you want to keep track of all the important dates in your life, it can be a good idea to print a calendar template. This can have several advantages over some of the alternatives. Printing out twelve pages from your inkjet or laser printer...

How To Set SMART Goals

by Chris Cairns - on May 23rd 2012 - 3 Comments
How to Set SMART Goals

Most of us realize that goals play an important role in our lives. They give us hope. They give us purpose. They give us direction. The problem is that many people don’t set SMART goals and they wonder why they haven’t achieved the success that they had hoped to achieve. The idea behind S.M.A.R.T. goals is an age-old concept,...

Eternity Time Log: iPad And iPhone Time Tracking App

by Peter North - on Feb 21st 2012 - No Comments
Eternity Time Log: iPad And iPhone Time Tracking App

“To do” list apps are the most popular app type on the market. There are free, simple list apps, expensive, robust list apps, and even lists apps that come pre-installed on your smartphone. “To do” lists vary in price and quality, but they are all based on the same philosophy — just program a task into the...

8 Ways To Make An Effective To Do List

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 29th 2011 - No Comments

We all have a lot of things to do and it’s impossible for the human brain to keep track of them all. What did you need from the grocery store again? Which company needed their financial reports completed? When is little Susie’s piano recital and where were you supposed to buy that pretty pink dress? So, we all use “to-do”...

Eliminate Distractions And Interruptions: “Do Not Call” Lists That Actually Work And Other Anti-Distraction Tools

by Luke McKinney - on Sep 11th 2011 - No Comments
(Photo: GeorgeDolgikh / iStockphoto)

Modern technology puts you in touch with millions of people, which is a problem because many of them are assholes. Telemarketers, scammers, and the inverted royal structure which means that somehow Nigeria has more princes than citizens. The human brain feeds on input, but distractions have the same effect on your mind as rotten eggs...

How To Save Time: Time Management Techniques For Busy Professionals

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 6th 2011 - No Comments

They say that time is money, but we seem to waste our time much more readily than we waste our money. To make matters worse, there really is no such thing as a time savings account, so it’s not like you can store away some time for a rainy day. That’s why it may be even more important to have good time management skills than...

Manage Your Time With Gantt Charts

by Luke McKinney - on May 27th 2011 - 1 Comment
(Image: nadger / iStockphoto)

Gantt charts are a seriously smart way to organize everything: not just your work projects, but everything from home redecoration to Christmas dinner. Invented around 1910 by Henry Gantt, their first major deployment was in the World War — so they know a bit about getting things done in stressful situations. They became so ridiculously...

5 Incredibly Effective Alarm Clocks

by Luke McKinney - on Mar 20th 2011 - No Comments
Alarm Clock

The simplest and smartest way to improve your life is having more time. You don’t need to steal extra hours from your personal life or lose sleep, neither of which are very smart, but just be that little bit ahead of everything. Arriving five minutes before or after something starts is the difference between relaxed, professional...