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35 Ruby on Rails Developers Focused On Startups

by Thursday Bram - on Jun 9th 2009 - 2 Comments
Ruby on Rails Logo

Ruby on Rails is an ideal framework for building web applications: it’s designed with rapid and flexible development in mind, making it a cost-effective option for getting a web application up and running quickly. Between the fact that Ruby on Rails is open source and it was developed to work with Agile software development methods,...

25 Entrepreneurial Tasks & Projects You Can Outsource

by Thursday Bram - on Apr 26th 2009 - 3 Comments
Man with Open Arms

Starting up a business requires a lot of work, from securing funding to rolling out a product to marketing it to the world. But an entrepreneur also has plenty of opportunities to outsource various startup-related tasks and projects, freeing him or her up to focus on getting the business up, operational, and churning a healthy profit....

10 Microsoft PowerPoint Jockeys You Can Outsource Your Presentations To

by Samar Owais - on Apr 22nd 2009 - 7 Comments
People Working on Laptop

Persuasive presentations can win you new customers and funding for your ideas. Thoughtful presentations can establish or enhance your reputation as an expert in a specific field of study or line of work. Similarly, a poor presentation probably won’t win you anything and might even mar your credibility. Microsoft PowerPoint is the...

Creative Brief Template

by Thursday Bram - on Apr 19th 2009 - No Comments

A creative brief is the fastest way to communicate with a freelancer just how you want a project completed. It outlines the final product you expect, ensuring that you and the creatives you’re working with wind up on the same page. It can take a little time to put together a thorough creative brief, but the effort pays off in the...

25 Spring Cleaning Tasks & Projects You Can Outsource

by Thursday Bram - on Apr 5th 2009 - 3 Comments

Spring can be the perfect time to get organized, both at home and at work. There are plenty of spring cleaning tasks and projects that can make your life easier in the long run — but most of them are pretty time consuming.  You can still get the same benefit, though, without doing all that work, if you’re ready to outsource...

25 Resume Writers

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 31st 2009 - 5 Comments

It’s not hard to find a resume writer to work with — but if you’re interested in working with a writer who doesn’t work with a big resume service that requires a certain sameness in every resume they turn out, your search can be much longer. The resume writers below offer high-quality work and will devote the time...

100 Freelance Writers You Can Outsource Your Blog Content To (51-100)

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 22nd 2009 - 6 Comments
Typewriter with Blog

As a follow up to the first 50 freelance writers we listed whom you can outsource blog content to, we have another 50 — who were recommended by freelance writers themselves. Between these two lists, you can find a writer ready to blog on just about any topic you’ve been writing on yourself. These writers can help you provide quality...

50+ Blog Service Providers

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 11th 2009 - 18 Comments
Blog Letters

When you’re putting together a blog, outsourcing some of the writing is a good place to start. But you can outsource far more — from the actual setup and design of your blog, to SEO and marketing, there are a wide range of blogging professionals ready to help you. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 50+...

25 Taxes Tasks & Projects You Can Outsource

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 4th 2009 - No Comments
Calculator on Top of Tax Forms

April 15 is rapidly approaching and that means that we all need to get our taxes in order. For a lot of us, that means finding someone to help us: not only do most people dislike handing over a percentage of their income to the government, there are plenty of complexities that make an expert’s opinion invaluable. There are several...

TaskUs: Delegate Work To “Premium” Virtual Assistants

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 3rd 2009 - 4 Comments
Satellite Orbiting Earth

Product/Service Name TaskUs Brief Description TaskUs is an hourly premium virtual assistant service. The company offers American admins who work with international specialists to ensure that your tasks get done “right.” Target audience: Overworked professionals and entrepreneurs who want to free up time and money through...