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Pageonce Supplemental Information

by Martha Cooney - on Jul 30th 2008 - 3 Comments
Pageonce landing page

The other week I posted a review of Pageonce, and recommended that you sign up and use it. If that post didn’t prompt you to hand over your Internet keys to Pageonce just yet, perhaps you need a little more information. And I’m here to supply. As part of my original research into Pageonce, I took a look under the hood so to...

Manage All Your Internet Accounts From One Place Using Pageonce, The “First Personal Internet Assistant”

by Martha Cooney - on Jul 21st 2008 - 9 Comments
Overloaded Man

The glut of information that we face on a daily basis actually impairs, not improves, our productivity. Believe it or not (and I do), the average person spends 150 hours each year looking for lost information. [1] What do we spend most of our time trying to track down? Passwords! But that’s not the only time killer introduced by...