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9 Website Translation Crowdsourcing Services

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 31st 2012 - No Comments
Online translation concept

As much as we like to think that English is a fairly universal language on the Internet, that’s simply not the case. That’s why it may be important to you to consider crowdsourcing your website translation needs. There are many machine translation tools out there, but they simply don’t work as well as real human beings....

uTest: Crowdsourced Beta Testing For Web, Mobile, And Desktop Apps

by Michael Kwan - on May 10th 2012 - 1 Comment
Image showing app types you can test with utest

App development has definitely taken the world by storm, particularly when it comes to web-based and mobile apps. Unfortunately, far too many of these end up being half-baked offerings that are filled with bugs and problems. You don’t want that for your app and that’s why you want some real beta testing under some real-world...

Make (And Save) Money By Crowdsourcing Your Stock Picks

by Peter North - on Mar 25th 2012 - No Comments
Screenshot of Motley Fool CAPS

Saving money is certainly a smart move, but investing money (carefully) is even smarter. Over time, long-term investments can pay surprisingly large dividends, and if you’re not investing your savings, your bank is doing it instead…and keeping the vast majority of the winnings. Don’t let anyone tell you that investing...

How To Source Knowledge From The Masses On The Internet

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 21st 2011 - 1 Comment

You can crowdsource just about anything on the Internet. You can crowdsource your design project. You can crowdsource legal advice. And, yes, you can crowdsource your knowledge, too. Part of this through something called a knowledge network. Not to be confused with the television network of the same name, the concept of a knowledge network...

Sites For Crowdsourcing Legal Advice

by Michael Kwan - on May 11th 2011 - No Comments
(Image: DNY59 / iStockphoto)

Ah, the Internet: the world’s greatest double-edged sword. It offers such an incredible wealth of information, but it could also lead you completely astray. And you don’t want to be led astray when it comes to something as important as proper legal advice. While it may be true that some of the legal advice online is potentially...

30+ Sites To Crowdsource Your Finances

by Thursday Bram - on May 12th 2010 - No Comments
Pile of money

Financial decisions can be the most difficult to make. A wrong move can have major consequences for you and your family. That makes it crucial to get as much information about finances as possible. Over the past several years, online communities have proven to be a valuable resource: you can crowdsource important parts of your finances,...

Crowdsourcing Designs – Lessons Learned

by Chris Cairns - on Jan 8th 2010 - No Comments
Colored Smoke

If you’re unfamiliar with the practice of crowdsourcing design work, check out this post and then zip on back. Since first reading Sean Johnson’s excellent post on how to crowdsource designs last April, I’ve had the experience of running several design contests. 99designs has been my preferred venue, but there are others...

Patents And Crowdsourcing

by Thursday Bram - on Aug 10th 2009 - 1 Comment
Gavel with Papers

On the surface, it seems like filing a patent shouldn’t be too difficult: you describe your idea, fill out forms, and send it off to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). But there’s a very important step missing from that process: the search for prior art. When filing a patent, it’s important to be sure that...

Crowdsourcing Your Branding

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 21st 2009 - 5 Comments
Iced Coffee Can

Heading into the marketplace, you’ll find a lot of terrific products that get lost in the fold due largely to poor branding. On the flip side, you’ll also find a lot of mediocre products that have skyrocketed to monumental success, largely thanks to great branding and marketing. In this way, spending time to create and develop...

Motley Fool CAPS: Crowdsource Your Stock Picks

by Maneesh Sethi - on Nov 2nd 2008 - 2 Comments
Wall Street Trading Board

EDITOR’S NOTE: We had technical issues with the stock simulator that prevented us from completing the test. We are going to set it up again, and see what the results are. These days, it seems like everything is being crowdsourced. Threadless uses crowdsourcing to make T-shirts,’s Mechanical Turk uses crowdsourcing...