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Awesome Auto-Scheduling Tools for Smarter Appointments

by Chris Cairns - on Aug 10th 2017 - No Comments
Booking calendar

As cliche and as overstated as it may be, the truth is that time can really be money, especially when it comes to the world of business. If you get caught up spending too much time on administrative and logistical tasks, you can’t spend that time on other activities, like content creation, brand management, and customer acquisition....

Better Solutions for Better Team Communication

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 13th 2017 - No Comments
Better team communication

As remote workers, telecommuting and distributed teams increasingly become the norm in today’s world of business, it can become nearly impossible to get everyone in the same room at the same time. And even if it were possible, it would hardly be cost effective. As useful as email, instant messengers and social media have become,...

7 Affordable CRM for Freelancers and Very Small Businesses

by Chris Cairns - on Aug 4th 2016 - No Comments
Small business laptop

Some people might assume that customer relationship management (CRM) software and solutions are aimed strictly at large sales forces (no pun intended) at large multinational companies with operating budgets to match. And that’s simply not the case. Whether you’re a company of one or a company of one thousand, sales are what...

5 Writing Apps for Clearer Communication

by Chris Cairns - on Apr 7th 2016 - No Comments
Writing on a computer

It’s not too hard to find a word processing program these days that comes with a built-in spell checking utility. In fact, many of them will check your spelling in real time as you type out those words on the screen. That’s very handy, but spelling all your words correctly is only one small part of what makes for good writing....

5 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

by Chris Cairns - on Aug 12th 2015 - No Comments
Team collaborating on a project

The kinds of apps, both mobile and web-based, that are of utmost importance to the regular consumer are not necessarily the same kinds of apps for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Sure, fitness trackers and health apps are great for individuals, but from the perspective of a business, apps need to offer more a more direct return...

How An Android Wear Smartwatch Will Boost Your Productivity

by Chris Cairns - on Sep 2nd 2014 - No Comments
Android Wear Smartwatch

The Apple iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone. Smartphone apps existed well before the advent of the iTunes App Store too, but having a unified platform with a central app repository really helped to popularize the idea of a smartphone to the masses. With the announcement and unveiling of the Android Wear platform, Google may have...

More Free Communication Apps For Android

by Michael Kwan - on Dec 17th 2013 - No Comments
Android Communication Apps for Free

When you sign up for a new cell phone plan to go with your new smartphone, you may only have a limited number of minutes, a limited number of text messages, or a limited amount of wireless data. If you opt for a so-called unlimited plan, there are inherently some limitations. It probably doesn’t include long distance, for example,...

6 Android 4.4 KitKat Features That Improve Your Productivity

by Michael Kwan - on Dec 1st 2013 - No Comments
Google Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat

Last year, we saw the release of the Google Nexus 4, a fantastic smartphone that also introduced Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It brought new features like a quick settings menu in the notifications shade and the inclusion of lock screen widgets. This year, Google stuck with LG as its hardware partner to produce the Google Nexus 5 smartphone...

Gmail Labs Features To Get The Most Out Of Email

by Michael Kwan - on Oct 8th 2013 - No Comments
Gmail Labs Features

When it comes to web-based mail, despite valiant efforts from (formerly Hotmail) and others, Google’s Gmail remains at the top of the mountain. As powerful and as popular as Gmail may be, it is still not a complete package and that’s where Gmail Labs features can be of great assistance. Several of the Gmail labs...

Free Alternative iPhone Address Book Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Mar 27th 2013 - No Comments
Contacts on an Apple iPhone

To be fair, the iPhone already comes with a number of pre-installed applications that can do a variety of different things, but sometimes third-party apps just do the job better. You might have downloaded better iPhone alarm clock apps, for example, or you may have bolstered the functionality of the camera by taking advantage of some...