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5 Tricks To Automate Expense Tracking

by Thursday Bram - on Dec 3rd 2008 - 2 Comments
Calculator with Pen

It seems like every personal finance book suggests tracking your expenses in order to figure out just where your money is going. It’s a tip that works pretty well: if you have a good idea of just what you’re spending your money on, you’re more likely to cut back on those items that you really don’t need. But tracking...

Bank Of America’s Keep The Change Program – An Automatic Savings Plan That Doesn’t Work

by Thursday Bram - on Nov 28th 2008 - 1 Comment
Burning Money

Back when checks were the most common method of payment, many personal finance gurus suggested rounding up the payments you made to the nearest dollar when recording your checks in your register. Then, when you balanced your check book at the end of the month, you’d have a pleasant surprise of quite a bit of money you could transfer...

5 Steps To Automating Your Credit Score

by Thursday Bram - on Nov 9th 2008 - No Comments
Credit Card

Your credit score is the deciding factor for everything from buying a car to landing a job to renting a piece of property to getting a cell phone plan. If you ignore your credit score, you can wind up in a whole heap of trouble — but who wants to spend tons of time checking up on their credit score and trying to improve it? Rather than...

Personal Shopper, The Virtual Shopping Assistant

by Martha Cooney - on Aug 24th 2008 - 2 Comments
Excited Woman with Many Shopping Bags

I hate shopping. I hate the lines, I hate trying on clothes, I hate the sheer number of options, but most of all I hate the crushing indecision facing you as you’re overwhelmed by warehouse-sized spaces taunting you with too many products to sift through and not knowing what to buy — whether for yourself or for others. Even...

Write At The Speed Of Speech Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9

by Brian Cairns - on Jul 26th 2008 - No Comments
Dragon - Speech Recognition Software

Believe it or not, I wrote this post in about 20 minutes — from draft to final edit — using my newly installed voice recognition software program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 9. I must admit, I’m extremely impressed with how fast, intuitive, and accurate it is. Initially, I balked at the idea of purchasing it....

Lawn Mowing Robots: Like The Roomba, But With Grass-Cutting Blades Of Steel Whirling At 5,000+ RPM

by Chris Cairns - on May 25th 2008 - 2 Comments
Lawn-mowing robot

Next time you see a low-hovering spacecraft over your neighbor’s lawn, don’t panic. It’s not a UFO here to abduct and perform ungodly experiments on you. Rather, it’s a robotic lawn mower manufactured by Earth-based companies here to take the painstaking labor out of cutting and mulching your grass by doing it...

The Next-Generation Roomba Actually Sweeps For You, So You Don’t Have To

by Brian Cairns - on May 14th 2008 - 4 Comments
Cat with a Roomba Vaccum

Is your floor dirty, sticky, and downright disgusting? No time to vacuum? Then you’ll be elated to know that the new Roomba 500 series (510, 530, 560, 570, 580) actually sucks more (and supposedly scares pets less) than its predecessors. Its new and improved features offer greater time- and energy-saving benefits. Though the Roomba...