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New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Make to Work Smarter in 2016 (And How to Achieve Them)

by Michael Kwan - on Dec 17th 2015 - No Comments
New Year's Resolutions

As surprising as it may sound, another twelve months has come and gone. Now is the time to look back and reflect on the year that was, reviewing some of the promises you may have made for yourself this year. Did you quit smoking? Did you lose weight? What other new year’s resolutions did you make? Peering into the professional sphere...

Five Home Automation Apps For Android

by Michael Kwan - on Mar 30th 2014 - No Comments
Servo Light Switch

Why do things manually when you can let technology take care of those sorts of things for you? Better still, what if you could handle all of that technology wirelessly, remotely and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet? We’d already looked at some of the better home security apps on the market, but what about when it comes...

Bookmarklets That Will Improve Your Productivity

by Michael Kwan - on Jan 25th 2014 - No Comments
Using the Computer

You likely already used a series of bookmarks and RSS feeds to keep tabs on the sites that you frequent the most, but the bookmarks toolbar in your preferred web browser can be so much more powerful. Bookmarklets may look like regular old bookmarks, but they boast special features and functions that are unleashed with a simple click...

6 Home Security Apps For iPad And iPhone

by Michael Kwan - on Oct 31st 2012 - No Comments
Key in a Door Lock

You’re already using your iPad and iPhone to expand your NFL experience and take better pictures, but what about using your iDevice as a smarter way to keep your home safe? It’s one thing to protect your house when you are physically present, but how can you maintain that peace of mind when you’re away at the office...

Use Google Alerts For A Smarter Way To Monitor The Web

by Michael Kwan - on May 30th 2012 - 1 Comment
Loud speakers

It’s positively impossible for you to keep track of everything that’s happening on the web and it’s just too time consuming to keep searching for what’s new. That’s one of the reasons why Google Alerts are so darn useful. You get automated updates of the latest content that you want to find on the web. You...

Tips For Getting Things Done Automatically

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 14th 2011 - No Comments

The first rule of automation is: “if you do something more than once, the computer should be doing that for you.” That’s what computers are for. They’re incredibly fast at following sets of instructions. Automation is at the very core of their design, so if you find yourself repeatedly pressing the same tabs and buttons to make...

Making Macros

by Luke McKinney - on Jun 14th 2009 - No Comments
Robot Hands Typing on Keyboard

If you haven’t heard of macros, you’re misusing this computer — you’re doing far more work than you have to for no reason at all. Sort of like putting your friends on the roof of your car and pushing them places. The fact is: if you do anything more than twice, the computer should be doing it for you. That’s...

Techniques For Automatic Internet Marketing

by Thursday Bram - on May 17th 2009 - 4 Comments
Person Drawing Mind Map Diagram

Online marketing comes with a long list of benefits, from lower costs to wider reach. Many of those benefits are directly connected to the level of automation you can add to your Internet marketing efforts. While no product can sell itself entirely on its own, some can effectively sell on auto-pilot based on some initial work. Depending...

Email Forward Filtering

by Luke McKinney - on Mar 2nd 2009 - No Comments

The very first message on the Internet was “Lo.” The second was a list of 10,000 lawyer jokes. The first was an attempt to “Login” to a system that would help mankind be more productive than ever before. The second was the opposite, and consisted of jokes that would be booed off the stage at a Christmas cracker...

How To Hack The LitterMaid Litter Box For Even Less Scooping

by Brian Cairns - on Jan 5th 2009 - 9 Comments
Cat Reading a Newspaper on the Toilet

For those of you who own cats, you’re well aware that litter-box maintenance is by far the most difficult, disgusting, and time-consuming dimension of cat ownership. Just how time-consuming? Well, my peculiar editor estimated somewhere around 15 hours per year (see the math below). This is obviously an unacceptable use of our time....