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How to Accept Mobile Payments on Your Smartphone or Tablet

by Michael Kwan - on Apr 22nd 2015 - No Comments
Accepting mobile payments

As a small business owner, you may quickly discover that one of the most powerful and versatile tools in your arsenal is your smartphone or tablet. It can be used to track your finances, manage your to-do list, and keep tabs on your important appointments. And it can also give you the ability to accept mobile payments on the go. If your...

Online Financial Tools for Smarter Money Management

by Chris Cairns - on Oct 7th 2014 - No Comments
Smarter Money Management

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy a luxury mansion with sandy beaches, azure seas, and unobstructed views of happiness. It’s also true that it’s much more comfortable to be crying aboard your private yacht with a glass of champagne in your hand than it is to be crying on a public bus with sticky...

Create Your Own Virtual Wallet With These Android Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 13th 2013 - No Comments
Get Rid of Your Wallet

We haven’t quite moved to being a completely cashless society just yet, but it’s oftentimes true that you can get by with just a credit card or a debit card. Maybe your town has one of those “tap” style metro passes like the Octopus card in Hong Kong or the upcoming Compass card in Vancouver. Even so, you’re...

iPhone Banking Apps With Photo Check Deposit

by Michael Kwan - on May 31st 2013 - No Comments
Three Payment Checks

If you can save yourself a physical trip to the bank, that sure seems like the smarter way to do your banking. And for the most part, you can do that nowadays. With online banking, you can check your balances, transfer your money between accounts, and pay all of your bills. You can even span the great divide between the real and digital...

7 iPhone Expense Tracker Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Aug 11th 2012 - 1 Comment
Pile of sales receipts

Whether you are looking to better manage your personal finances or you need to submit reports to your employer for reimbursement, having a good expense tracker app on your iPhone is a lot easier than dealing with a random shoebox full of receipts each month. All of these apps work in fundamentally the same way, so it’s really a...

Maximize Your Salary: 8 Resources For Determining Your Payscale

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 3rd 2012 - No Comments
First paycheck

Are you being paid fairly for the work that you do? Before you head blindly into a salary negotiation with your boss, it’s a very good idea to do some research online to determine your payscale. This way, you can arm yourself with real data that can then help to maximize your salary. Keep in mind that there are many factors that...

Make (And Save) Money By Crowdsourcing Your Stock Picks

by Peter North - on Mar 25th 2012 - No Comments
Screenshot of Motley Fool CAPS

Saving money is certainly a smart move, but investing money (carefully) is even smarter. Over time, long-term investments can pay surprisingly large dividends, and if you’re not investing your savings, your bank is doing it instead…and keeping the vast majority of the winnings. Don’t let anyone tell you that investing...

Monitor Your Android Data Usage With Onavo

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 22nd 2012 - No Comments
Monitor Your Android Data Usage With Onavo

Smartphones have really changed the way that we interact with the world, because we have the Internet at our fingertips everywhere that we go. The trouble is that, with the exception of using Wi-Fi hotspots, we’re relying on wireless data. And that costs money. And we want to save money. There are some carriers out there that offer...

Find Free Wi-Fi Internet Hotspots With The JiWire Android App

by Michael Kwan - on Feb 1st 2012 - No Comments

There is an ongoing joke I have with many of my friends and colleagues. They say that I’m fueled solely by two things: coffee and WiFi…and I’ll be the first to admit that I can hardly live without either one of those necessities. While this Android app won’t help in the caffeine department, it can make sure that...

MyBackup Pro Android App Saves Your Phone Data

by Michael Kwan - on Jan 29th 2012 - No Comments

My smartphone is my life. It has everything on there. It’s from that Galaxy S that I check my schedule, send my text messages, update my Twitter, and fling fowl at some thieving swine. I can’t imagine the horror of losing my phone and, more importantly, the data that it contains. That’s why it is so important to have...