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Maximize Your Salary: 8 Resources For Determining Your Payscale

by Michael Kwan - on Jul 3rd 2012 - No Comments
First paycheck

Are you being paid fairly for the work that you do? Before you head blindly into a salary negotiation with your boss, it’s a very good idea to do some research online to determine your payscale. This way, you can arm yourself with real data that can then help to maximize your salary. Keep in mind that there are many factors that...

How To Save Time: Time Management Techniques For Busy Professionals

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 6th 2011 - No Comments

They say that time is money, but we seem to waste our time much more readily than we waste our money. To make matters worse, there really is no such thing as a time savings account, so it’s not like you can store away some time for a rainy day. That’s why it may be even more important to have good time management skills than...

10+ Resume Templates That Turn Applications Into Interviews

by Peter North - on Aug 16th 2011 - 3 Comments
A bold, colorful booklet-style resume.

Your resume is designed for one single purpose: to win you an interview with a prospective employer. This is achieved almost exclusively by standing out among your fellow applicants. Job seekers are always looking to get their resume to the top of the pile, but strangely, very few of them take the initiative to make their resume visually...

Better Living Through Basic Competence

by Luke McKinney - on Jul 10th 2010 - No Comments
Woman Smiling

It’s time for some Smartlife philosophy — if not the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance, at least a Thought of the Day for Scooter Repair — with a simple strategy to make everyone in the world happier and better at everything. You’re welcome. The problem for millions of employees (currently sighing their way through...

Play Properly To Work Properly

by Luke McKinney - on May 5th 2010 - No Comments
Business Man Going Crazy

The secret to a smart life is never wasting time in work or in play. Which is a pity, because the modern office is a psychological experiment designed to make you waste both simultaneously: you have to stay in place for a certain amount of time (not a certain amount of work), you can do what you like as long as it looks like work, and...

Penelope Trunk Interview

by Thursday Bram - on Oct 4th 2009 - 1 Comment
Penelope Trunk

You shouldn’t outsource your social networking, says Penelope Trunk, even partially. She should know: not only have her columns and blog become popular sources of career advice, but she’s written a book, launched a startup, and built a personal network that has helped her succeed. Social Networking is a Must “Saying...

Business Card Brilliance

by Luke McKinney - on Sep 22nd 2009 - No Comments
Woman Holding Card

Unlike everything else made of paper, business cards still make sense for the modern worker. Technology might be killing the newspaper, murdering the magazine, and forcing the evolution of pretty much every media into faster forms, but until we start implanting it into our heads, we’ll still need to tell people how to find us later....

Sample Statement Of Work For Personal Branding Consulting Services

by Chris Cairns - on Aug 24th 2009 - No Comments
Cattle Brand on Cow

Several months ago, Smartlife published a series of posts on personal branding. During that time, I was approached by a local professional who expressed interest in acquiring the services of a personal branding consultant, but needed some help in articulating what he needed. So I volunteered to produce a Statement of Work for him. Here’s...

Interview With Dan Schawbel, Personal Branding Expert And Consultant

by Thursday Bram - on Apr 8th 2009 - 1 Comment
Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel is the expert on personal branding — not only is his new book out this month, but he’s also responsible for Personal Branding Magazine and Personal Branding TV. If you have questions about personal branding, Dan is the one you want to answer them. Why do you need a personal brand? On the surface, it can be hard to...

25 Resume Writers

by Thursday Bram - on Mar 31st 2009 - 5 Comments

It’s not hard to find a resume writer to work with — but if you’re interested in working with a writer who doesn’t work with a big resume service that requires a certain sameness in every resume they turn out, your search can be much longer. The resume writers below offer high-quality work and will devote the time...