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Learning How To Relax: 8 Refreshing Relaxation Techniques That Provide Real Breaks From Work

by Michael Kwan - on Oct 13th 2011 - No Comments

Deep breath. We all experience our fair share of stress at work. You may have even gotten to the point where you want to tear your hair out, wrap it around your elbow, rip your arm out, and throw it at Nina from corporate accounts payable for telling the 5600th person that it’ll be “just a moment.” We’ve all been...

The 11 Best Fitness Apps For The iPhone That Provide Great Workouts

by Michael Kwan - on Oct 12th 2011 - 4 Comments

Apps on the iPhone and iPod touch are remarkably plentiful. And believe it or not, they’re not all Angry Birds and fart apps. They can be used for getting you into shape too. Just because fall and winter are just around the corner doesn’t mean you’re allowed to hide your spare tire under a baggy sweater. The range of...

Sources Of Sustainable Energy: 5 Snacks And Drinks For Better Performance

by Luke McKinney - on Oct 6th 2011 - No Comments
(Image: hfng / iStockPhoto)

We all know that caffeine is liquid performance, but rushing to the coffee shop every five minutes can hamper your productivity. Especially as you need to rush to the bathroom every three minutes. Buying your own coffee roaster can help cut down the costs of time and money, while jars of instant coffee are a great way to advertise that...

4 Brain Training Resources That Make You Smarter

by Luke McKinney - on Aug 28th 2011 - No Comments
Image of brain lifting weights

The most important part of a smart life is being smart, which is one of those incredibly obvious things only intelligent people really get. Millions of people accept intelligence as some kind of luck of the draw, which only goes to show that intelligence doesn’t apply to them. Saying “they’re smart” almost excuses them from doing...

How To Sleep Better: 12 Ways To Get Better Sleep

by Michael Kwan - on Aug 23rd 2011 - No Comments

Are you getting your eight hours of sleep each and every night? Are those actually eight quality hours of proper rest, or are you tossing and turning the whole time? Even at the faster pace of modern society, we all still need to slow down and catch some “Z’s.” So, how do you do that? If you’ve ever wondered how...

5 Smart Stress Relief Gadgets

by Luke McKinney - on May 26th 2011 - 2 Comments
(Image: Qwasyx / iStockphoto)

Stress can be a side-effect of trying to live a smart life, and the key is the “trying.” Concentrating on wanting to work, learn, play and all-round be better is great way to turn your back into an armor-plating of stress-locked muscle. You’re always in a hurry, and always thinking about how you’re not good enough! The...

20 Games Sites To Build Your Brain In The Office

by Luke McKinney - on Sep 24th 2010 - No Comments
The Brain

Your workday offers endless interruptions, delays, or just a few minutes of break, which aren’t long enough to plan an escape but you don’t want to sit staring at your fingernails. That’s why games like FreeCell and Farmville are so popular, despite being the electronic equivalent of pouring NyQuil directly onto your...

25 Health Tasks & Projects You Can Outsource

by Thursday Bram - on Aug 30th 2009 - No Comments
Handweights with Apple and Tape Measure

Your health is important — but making sure that you handle everything from taking your vitamins to scheduling your doctors’ appointments can require more time than we always have. There are more than a few of your health tasks and projects — such as meal planning, stress management, researching conditions, information tracking,...

Internet Sites That Make You (Seem) Smarter

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 8th 2008 - No Comments

We’ve all heard about this incredible assemblage of intelligence that is the Internet. “The sum of human knowledge,” we’re told — so why haven’t we seen it? If this is meant to be the electronic űber-mind that will usher us into the future with a complimentary hover-beverage, why can’t anyone...