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5 Big Tips to Improve Your Desk Ergonomics (and Boost Your Productivity)

by Chris Cairns - on Feb 4th 2016 - No Comments
Home office desk ergonomics

In trying to figure out how best to utilize our time in the office, we oftentimes get caught up in systems and technology. While it is absolutely true that you may find yourself being far more productive when you adhere to the pomodoro technique for your work sessions, there’s one area that frequently goes neglected: desk ergonomics....

Tech Tips to Combat the Sedentary Lifestyle

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 25th 2015 - No Comments
The dangers of the sedentary lifestyle

Science and technology have improved our lives in so many different ways and this has had a dramatic impact on the very nature of work. Regardless of your chosen industry and career, there’s a very good chance that computers are playing an increasingly large role. And for many of us, this means sitting at a desk for hours on end....

How To Use Gamification To Improve Your Life

by Chris Cairns - on Jun 15th 2013 - No Comments
Life Can Be a Game Boy Too

Generally speaking, we know what we should be doing. We know what’s good for us to do, but the challenge is finding the motivation to do it and to keep doing it. That’s why one of the fastest rising trends today is the concept of gamification. In short, gamification is the process of engaging users or changing behavior by...

Free Android Fitness Apps

by Chris Cairns - on Mar 7th 2013 - No Comments
Running for Fitness

Summer isn’t that far away and that means it’s time for you to get that body ready for the beach. Even if you’re hitting up the surf and the sand, it’s important to keep your body in tip-top condition and you can leverage technology to aid you in these efforts. If you’re going to carry around your phone anyway,...

The 6 Best iPhone Running Apps

by Michael Kwan - on Sep 10th 2012 - No Comments
Running with the iPhone

One of the best ways to stay in shape is to go for regular runs, but the smarter way to do that is with the aid of a little bit of technology. There’s a good chance that you bring your iPhone along with you when you go for your running sessions anyway, so why not take advantage of one of the best iPhone running apps while you’re...

Healthy Alcoholic Drink Recipes

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 11th 2012 - No Comments
Two Manhattan Cocktails in Martini glasses

Indulging in a little bit of the happy juice doesn’t have to have an adverse effect on your waistline or your blood sugar levels. Believe it or not, there are plenty of great healthy alcoholic drink recipes out there that are just as tasty and buzz-inducing as their not-as-healthy counterparts. Remember that we’re talking...

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

by Michael Kwan - on Jun 6th 2012 - No Comments
Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

When you’re on a diet, every calorie counts. You’ve switched from your double mochaccino to simple black coffee. You’ve abandoned the glazed donut for low-fat yogurt and granola. The same philosophy needs to apply to your search for great low calorie alcoholic drinks. One of the reasons why people on diets are told to...

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks For Men

by Michael Kwan - on May 16th 2012 - No Comments
Healthy Alcoholic Drinks For Men

Summer is right around the corner and that means you’ll likely be spending more time on patios and at backyard barbecues. Not that you’d really need either of those excuses to get a drink, but it could mean more alcohol in your future. How do you avoid packing on the pounds, though? You could consume one of these healthy alcoholic drinks...

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks For Women

by Michael Kwan - on May 14th 2012 - No Comments

Hello, ladies! Might I interest you in a drink? When you’re at the bar, it can sometimes be difficult to find healthy alcoholic drinks for women, since so many of them have a lot of calories. Many of those mixers spike the sugar content too. This can wreak havoc on both your diet plans and your otherwise healthy lifestyle. What...

Great Workouts Without Weights: Bodyweight Exercises That Require No Fitness Equipment

by Luke McKinney - on Dec 18th 2011 - 1 Comment
(Image: diego_cervo / iStockphoto)

Gyms have prevented more exercise than donuts and DVDs combined. Because, while triple-chocolate-fudge is only eaten by those who’ve already made up their mind what shape they want to be (and it’s spherical), having  gym plans is the ultimate excuse for indulging. Just buying the gym membership makes people feel like they’ve done...