Awesome Tech from CES 2015What was once known as the Consumer Electronics Show and is now known more simply as International CES is the largest technology trade show in North America, covering just about every niche and sub-industry that has to do with electronics. And as nice as it may be to have an increasingly large 8K curved OLED TV, the actual utility of such innovations is questionable.

For those of us who are actually looking for ways to be healthier, happier and more productive, CES 2015 revealed several new gadgets and gizmos to improve our daily lives.

Here are some of the highlights that you may have missed.

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet

The new Dell Venue 8 7000 is visually stunning

The new Dell Venue 8 7000 is visually stunning

To some extent, an Android tablet by any other name is just another Android tablet. And then you’ve got the amazingly gorgeous Dell Venue 8 7000, which is in a league of its own. Unnecessarily complex name notwithstanding, this more premium-minded tablet features a “gorgeous 8.4-inch 2560 x 1600 OLED infinity display” with practically no bezel on three of the sides. The fourth side features an Intel Real Sense Snapshot Depth Camera. This allows for a high-definition depth map through a set of three cameras, allowing you to refocus your pictures after you’ve taken them.

The incredibly thin Dell Venue 8 7000 with its 6mm profile and the latest quad-core Intel Atom processor starts $399.99.

Withings Activite Pop

A smarter, cleaner and less expensive activity tracker

It’s true that a smartwatch can bolster productivity when used in an intelligent way, but certain wearables can also distract you from actually getting work done. Sometimes, a simpler, cleaner approach makes more sense and that’s where the Withings Activite Pop could be a great choice. Revealed at CES 2015, this is an activity tracking watch that does not have a digital display. Instead, you have the regular hour and minute hands for telling time, plus a secondary dial for tracking your daily goal (like steps taken). It still syncs up with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and, unlike most smartwatches, the Activite Pop features an 8-month+ battery life. It’s waterproof and will track your sleep too.

The Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch activity tracker retails for $149.95.

Keyssa Kiss Wireless Connectors

Kiss your physical cables goodbye?

Kiss your physical cables goodbye?

Do you know what’s one of the big problems with just about every gadget and piece of technology that we use on a daily basis? We have to deal with ports and jacks and physical connections. Kiss Connectivity from Keyssa completely changes the game by eliminating those physical ports altogether. Instead, all you have to do is hold your two pieces of tech together and they can form a wireless data connection, transferring a 1GB file in as little as two seconds.

You won’t see Keyssa Kiss on its own, but rather it’ll be a feature implemented in tech from other companies. What’s neat is that Keyssa’s chairman is Tony Fadell. He is also the designer of the original iPod and the Nest CEO. If anyone knows something about changing the game, it’s Fadell.

WiTricity Rezence Power

True wireless charging on display at CES 2015

True wireless charging on display at CES 2015

Speaking of wireless connectivity, the other part of the equation has to do with providing power to your gadgets and gizmos. The Qi wireless charging standard is helpful, since you can just plop your smartphone down on a platform to top up its battery, but you still need that physical contact. The Rezence solution from WiTricity removes that hindrance, allowing multiple devices to be charged when they are within close proximity with a Rezence power source. Yes, it’s power “over the air,” so to speak.

At CES 2015, WiTricity was showing off its Rezence technology with its Prodigy demo units. Through this, the company is able to go beyond magnetic induction to provide magnetic resonance with “beyond the mat” charging zones. WiTricity is currently working with companies like Dell, Canon, HP, Microsoft and Sony to bring the tech to the masses.

Netatmo Welcome Home Security

The smarter Internet-connected camera with face recognition

The smarter Internet-connected camera with face recognition

From the Internet of Things to smart home automation, everything is increasingly connected to the world wide web to make our lives easier. Expanding on its product line, Netatmo showed off its Welcome camera. This camera can perhaps best be utilized at the front door to your home or office, giving you a live 1080p feed to your iOS or Android smartphone of who is there without you having to leave your seat.

Where the Neatatmo Welcome goes beyond a more conventional IP camera is that it also comes with “revolutionary” face recognition technology. You can get notifications when specific people come home and save video to an SD card for later review. Pricing has yet to be determined for the Welcome, which is slated to launch in Q2.

Image credit: beyondtherhetoric / Flickr