Best fitness apps for the iPhone

Apps on the iPhone and iPod touch are remarkably plentiful. And believe it or not, they’re not all Angry Birds and fart apps. They can be used for getting you into shape too. Just because fall and winter are just around the corner doesn’t mean you’re allowed to hide your spare tire under a baggy sweater.

The range of iPhone fitness apps is very impressive, doing everything from intense cardio and heavy weightlifting to lower impact yoga and calorie tracking. The first step is motivating yourself to get off the couch and get yourself in motion. Then, an iFitness app or two can nudge you along the way.

Now, while this list of iPhone applications is numbered for the sake of keeping track of things, the list really is in no particular order. So, make sure you have a look at the whole list, because you might miss a perfect little gem if you don’t! Here we present our list of the best fitness apps for the iPhone.

1. Lose It!

[iTunes Link]

The battle with the bathroom scale continues! This free app basically offers two main functions: it keeps track of all the calories you are consuming (food) and the calories you are burning (exercise). From there, you can look at how you’re doing with your calorie “budget” and what your calorie “balance” is at the end of each day. The app can also be used to track proteins, fats, carbs, and more, including the ability to print detailed reports.

2. Fitness Pro

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For people who hit up the gym on a regular basis, this has to be counted among a list of cool iPhone apps. Think of Fitness Pro as an exercise guide, offering over 450 exercise photos and guidance, including photos of real people. There are many built-in routines, as well as the ability to log your workouts and share your runs via the free online portal.

3. SmartRunner


SmartRunner for iPhone

[iTunes Link]

This is so much more than just a regular old timer app. In fact, despite its name, this fitness app goes well beyond just running too. SmartRunner takes advantage of the GPS radio in your iPhone and tracks your exercise route, including running, cycling, hiking, swimming, and more. The route is recorded, as is your pace, your calories burned, and your total time. All of this is uploaded to your free SmartRunner account for later review online. Keep an eye on your progress, see your maps, and so much more. This is one of my favorites for sure.

4. Nike Training Club

[iTunes Link]

People might be more familiar with the Nike+ GPS app, especially since they were doing that with the separate peripherals and a classic iPod for some time, but this “training” app is worth checking out too. It has undergone a complete redesign, provides full-body workouts, and offers exclusive rewards. Your workouts and reward statuses can be shared through Facebook and Twitter too.

5. Yoga Stretch

[iTunes Link]

I’m not at all the most flexible person in the world, so I’ve never been particularly drawn to yoga. Maybe that’s my problem, since yoga would likely really improve my flexibility! This 99-cent app is loaded with tons of different yoga poses, as well as the ability to save up to five custom yoga sessions. It also integrates with your iTunes collection for some soothing background music.

6. Men’s Health Workouts


Men's Health App

[iTunes Link]

See, magazines can move into the 21st century too. Men’s Health is already one of the most popular fitness publications out there, so this $1.99 app is a natural extension of that. It comes with 23 pre-loaded workouts, plus one free workout add-on each month. The downside is if you want more, additional workouts have to be purchased in-app for $0.99 to $1.99 on average.

7. Navy SEAL Fitness

[iTunes Link]

There aren’t too many folks out there who are in better shape than the US Navy Seals. So, when you take a look at their fitness regimen, you know that you’re getting the real deal. This has to be one of the best iPhone fitness apps, ranging from flexibility exercises to strength training. This isn’t so much an app as it is a guide to whipping you into shape. Are you up to the challenge?

8. FitnessBuilder

[iTunes Link]

If you want to get iFit, you’ll likely need to spend some iCash. And when it comes to iFitness apps for your iDevice, it doesn’t get much more iPricey than this. FitnessBuilder rings up at a hefty $9.99, but its proponents will say that it’s worth the purchase price. This is one of the most robust and complex fitness apps available on the iPhone and iPod touch, providing a library of media (over 5000+), a huge number of workouts (750+) and even access to a personal trainer!

9. iTreadmill Pedometer



[iTunes Link]

What do you do when you don’t have time to hit up the gym? It doesn’t mean that you still can’t lead an active iLifestyle, completely tethered to your iDevice of choice. A great example of this is the iTreadmill app. Basically, it converts your iPhone into a digital pedometer, making use of the built-in accelerometer. It counts steps, tracks distance, and records calories burned. The graphs and goal-setting stuff is pretty neat too.

10. Endomondo Sports Tracker

[iTunes Link]

A great alternative to SmartRunner and Nike+ is this fitness tracking app. It has features like an interval timer and, much like SmartRunner, it can be used for a range of different exercises from running to cycling to hiking. And again, your workouts are then uploaded to the website, full on with maps, times, intervals, progress reports, and more. You can even compete with other Endomondo users.

11. Motion Traxx Radio

[iTunes Link]

Last and certainly not least, you need to have some tunes to go along with your exercise right? You could boot up your iTunes library, but it may not be extensive or appropriate to the workout environment. That’s where this affordable $2.99 app comes in with a non-stop mix of exercise music. Other features include a running interval routine, streaming access from anywhere, and a boot camp style “indoor” workout with Kim Lyons.

Image credit: LajosRepasi / iStockphoto