Finger cursorThe Interweb has changed a lot since the original Basecamp launched in 2004. Not only that, but the way that we’re able to interact with the Internet has changed a lot, too. Not surprisingly, Basecamp Next is implementing some serious upgrades both stylistically and functionally. It’s all going to be pretty slick, and one addition is the ability to drag and drop your files into your browser window.

Remember the days when you actually had to open a “file upload” dialog to find the file you wanted, click on the “open” button, and wait for the upload progress bar to complete? Gmail got rid of that some time ago and now we’re getting the same kind of experience with Basecamp Next, too…but there’s more to it than that.

Image Upload Previews

When you engage in a discussion in Basecamp, you have the ability to attach files so that your colleagues can collaborate on that project. That makes sense. Images have to be among the more popular file types, but they are inherently visual in nature. That’s why when you upload your images in Chrome to Basecamp Next, you can get the image preview before you publish your comment.

Drag and Drop in Basecamp Next

Drag and Drop in Basecamp Next

You can simply drag and drop your image files from the various folders on your computer, all without having to deal with a messy image upload dialog box. When you do so, the image previews appear automatically as the uploads complete. What if you’re uploading more than one image at a time and you want them to be in a certain order?

As you can see above, you can drag around the order of the uploads, too. This way, when you post a comment referring to the “first picture” compared to the “second picture,” it makes sense with the order of the images as they appear in your discussion.

Calendar Item Dragging

The drag and drop functionality extends beyond file uploads too. The calendar function in Basecamp Next has a similar look and feel as Google Calendar, too. What this means is that you can grab an event and drag it to another date on the calendar. That’s more convenient than dealing with the conventional dialog box.

Basecamp Next Calendar

Basecamp Next Calendar

But what if you need to move the event further into the future than the month that is currently being displayed? You can do that, too. Drag the calendar item to the arrows at the top-right of the screen. These arrows are used to go from month-to-month, but when you hold a calendar item there, the arrow will still go to the next month, then the one after that and so on. This means you can quickly move an event from February to September. Yes, you can still use the dialog, but this is much spiffier.

With the new Basecamp only a very short while away, it won’t be long before we’re all project managing with this slick new interface. I wonder what other secret power user functions it’s going to boast.

Image credit: yellowj / Fotolia