Samar Owais

Samar dived into full-time freelancing in 2008 after moving to the desert land of skyscrapers and big, shiny cars -- a.k.a. UAE. Before that, she was a full-time student and a part-time freelancer.

20+ Freelancing Virtual Assistants

by Samar Owais - on Jul 28th 2009 - 4 Comments
Post-Its-on-the-Laptop Screen

By now, you’re familiar with the benefits of outsourcing your tasks and projects to virtual assistants. Previously, Smartlife wrote about how to choose a VA and how to choose which tasks to delegate. Actually finding a reliable VA to handle your to-dos, however, is easier said than done. One reliable source you can turn to is a...

10 Microsoft PowerPoint Jockeys You Can Outsource Your Presentations To

by Samar Owais - on Apr 22nd 2009 - 7 Comments
People Working on Laptop

Persuasive presentations can win you new customers and funding for your ideas. Thoughtful presentations can establish or enhance your reputation as an expert in a specific field of study or line of work. Similarly, a poor presentation probably won’t win you anything and might even mar your credibility. Microsoft PowerPoint is the...

12 Places To Get Business Cards Online

by Samar Owais - on Mar 18th 2009 - 19 Comments
Business Card Exchange

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, 9-to-5-er, or even just a student with a part-time job, business cards are a must have. They’re an essential marketing and branding tool in the offline world. (You remember what that is, right?) If done well, business cards brand you and stick you in people’s minds. Not only do you need...