Doing a Presentation on an iPadOne the best ways to build your own brand is to be featured as a speaker at some sort of networking event. Sure, you could do the old-fashioned thing and write out your presentation notes on little index cards, but this is the 21st century! That’s not the smart way at all anymore and this applies equally to students making class presentations. Instead, it’s much smarter to utilize some of the best Apple iPad presentation apps out there.

We’ve previously discussed how you can use iPad apps to boost productivity and to manage social media, but you also need suitable tools for when you’re in front of a live audience. Even if you move beyond the traditional index card, turning to a laptop and a projector may not be entirely appropriate for certain circumstances. A tablet like an iPad is much easier to handle and these presentation apps will make sure you look like you know what you’re doing.

Keynote iPad Presentation App

Apple iPad Keynote app

Keynote App for iPad

You could say that this is the flagship or the benchmark when it comes to iPad presentation apps, mostly because it is developed and sold by Apple itself! You can use this app to create a variety of 2D and 3D charts, video mirror onto an HDTV, and present your notes using the Presented Display. Twelve themes are included, you get fun animations with Magic Move, and you can use iCloud to edit your presentation across multiple devices.

iTunes Store Link: ($9.99)

Sadun’s Whiteboard

Sadun's Whiteboard for the iPad

Sadun's Whiteboard App

What if you’re less interested in going through a more traditional PowerPoint-style presentation and you’d rather just share some ideas with your audience via a whiteboard? Some meeting rooms might provide you with a whiteboard or a chalkboard, but what if you’re in a place that doesn’t have that? No need to fear, because this clever app effectively transforms your iPad into a mini-whiteboard, complete with different colored markers and erasers. You can even output the presentation screen to a TV or projector using a suitable Apple video-out cable.

iTunes Store Link: ($2.99)

Presentation Clock

iPad Presentation Clock App

Presentation Clock

Most presentations, whether they are for class or for something in a corporate environment, are restricted to a certain time limit. You might practice beforehand to make sure that your presentation is neither too short nor too long, but you should also keep your timing in mind when you’re doing your presentation for real. This app only does one thing, “but it does it extremely well.” You get large, easy to read numbers that actually change colors at the thresholds you define. This way, you’ll know when you’re running a little long (or too short).

iTunes Store Link: ($0.99)

Power Presenter

Power Presenter for iPad

Power Presenter for iPad

There are a few things that separate this app from other iPad presentation apps. First, you can load your presentation as a simple PDF file, running through the pages as if they were individual slides. Second, you can upload your presentation to a website and the app can run it from there. And third, you can draw and highlight text on each slide, adding an extra whiteboard-like layer to your presentation. And, yes, it supports video-out via a compatible cable, mirroring the iPad display on the projector or TV.

iTunes Store Link: ($1.99)

Brainshark Video Presentations

Brainshark Video Presentations for iPad

Brainshark Video Presentations

In some ways, this app is less for the presenter and it’s more for the audience. It’s designed to work in tandem with the Brainshark ecosystem; the presenter sends out a link to the video presentation and audience members can then easily follow along with an “enhanced viewing” experience. This is great for class lectures, for instance, so that students don’t have to frantically scribble notes while trying to listen to the instructor.

iTunes Store Link: (Free)

Image credit: Flickr / localjapantimes